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Selling The Sun!

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-I - - - r Jm5r ' Jr&JhSPJvJA 'SJ 7á} i ft) 'i pLLJ that#s the profit each sun seller now makes for ■. fmmímJní A W-í ■ ■ -0 trz one vear of the sun (26 issuesi and ■HF T fYyou Tto;hrAnbnT7SrMÍNG0 P ' GlVe t to 2 'U" V- (B2 .ssues,. Here's my ten buc.s. R, J gswsssssas sr jsk ! N Make a" checks pavabie to Rainbow Trucking m ■ iï''ÊkM c? 'nclus,m9 John Coltrane. Gato Barbieri , Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra Archie ! ME. I BLlÍ JU Shepp, Albert Ayler, Manon Brown, and more. (3) GUITAR ARMY-a record1 A " Wmfr'JM WM album in words and pictures by John Sinclair (4) SAINTS AND I ADDRESS Johnny Winter's latest, and (5) CALL OF THE WILD, newest by Ted Nugent I "Pï ZIP ' i 1 I fcjj- and the Amboy Dokes. rst choice record: numberLJ If vou'r'e out give me number _J I re ■ L ,