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A Vow

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October II. 1966 1 wil] haunt these States with beard bald head eyes staring out plane window, hair hanging in Greyhound bus midnight leaning over taxicab seat to admonish an angry cursing driver hand lifted to calm his outraged vehicle that I pass with the Green Light or common law J Common Sense, Common law, common tenderness p & common tranquility our means in America to control the money munching war machine, bright lit industry .■ everywhere digesting forests & excreting soft pyramids " of newsprint, Redwood and Ponderosa patriarchs silent in Meditation murdered & regurgitated as smoke, ■ sawdust, screaming ceilings of Soap Opera, .' thick dead Lifes, slick Advertisements ;i for Gubernatorial big guns J burping Napalm on palm rice tropic greenery. 3 Dynamite in forests, boughs fly slow motion L thunder down ravine, )' Helicopters roar over National Park, Mekong Swamp, ( Dynamite fire blasts thru Model Villages, Violence screams at Pólice, Mayors get mad over radio, L Drop the Bomb on Niggers! ? drop Fire on the gook China 4 Frankenstein Dragon i waving its tail over Bayonne's domed Aluminum i I'llhaunt these States all year oü reservoir! W gazing bleakly out train windows, blue airfield red TVnetwork on evening plains, #1 decoding radar Provincial editorial paper message. Al deciphering Iron Pipe laborers' curses as T clanging hammers they raise steamshovel claws over Puerto Rican agony lawyers' screams in B , _ slums. g)