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1 JgfWm 5. WJ KA AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION N A petition to add Section 24 to Artide I of the Constitution of the State of Michigan. SfeJflr ' l'V' Sec. 24. A person in the State of Michigan, who is 18 years of age orolder, shall not be criminally punished ordenied any right or P&M fvjjfci privilege for any of the following actions: the use of marijuana in private; the possession or transportation of marijuana for personal ' VESf. I USt' 'le cu't'vation f marijuana for personal use, provided that reasonable steps are taken to prevent access to these crops by the SI jffl I ' JfcjW ' ''ÜK Vi general public. The goveming body of any unit of local govemment shall have exclusive jurisdiction to prohibit the use of mari'jêLWIM Pil juana in public and to punish its use in public by fine only, which shall not exceed $100.00. jS fXtí0 We, the undersigned qualified and registered electors, residents in the ownship (strike one) of in the County of , State of Michigan, hereby respectively petition for said amendment to the ConsUtution. f WARNING Whoever knowingly signs this petition more than once, signs a name other than his own, signs when not a qualified and registered elector, or sets opposite his signature on a ÜkV jjik petition, a date other than the actual date such signature was affixed, is violating the ffifwrè. EN provisions of this act. - LJM 'V ÍE! NAME I Street Addressor I post offlce fTEO HONING jl lJmM VTOl HU Route Month Day Year I tw5m 2&V CERTIFÍCATE OF CIRCULATOR tijk; J The undersigned circulator of the above petition asserts that he is qualified to circuíate this petition, that each signature on the petition was signed in his presence, that to his best knowledge and belief each signature is the genuine signature of the person purporting to sign Imk ■ the same and that the person was at the time of signing a qualified registered elector of the city or township listed in the heading of the -ÍTV. 1 petition and that such elector was qualified to sign the petition. mí!Í .V_jMTT m (Signature of Circulator) lm-' X'i xV I(jjTJV i (Street Number or Rural Route) '7 ' ' fjjjjjl S (City or Township) ÊÊLJ WARNING - Any circulator knowingly making a false stotement in the above certifícate or any ÏWÏwvto person not a circulator who signs as such or any person who signs a name other than his own as %JmF V JO circulator is guilty of a misdemeanor. ivlfr yyj ' 1 Signers of the same petition MUST be registered voters of the same city or township. aMöhIvw NLffijjkfrP"? y Married women MUST use their given fírst ñames: MAR Y SMITH, not Mrs. John Smith. i%iWw T7fWJgSrLls 3. Signatures must be made in the presence of the circulator. SÏl'Tlï rrL&ySy Circuiators MUST be a REGISTERED VOTER. J& f ïjfc. XJ r ÁJy) Circuiators SHALL NOT sign nor date the certifícate prior to obtaining the last signature on the petition. fff Vvj!-í5fi fSj__fC?-Sj 6. PEOPLE SIGNING THE SAME PETITION MUST ALL BE REGISTERED IN THE SAME CITY OR TOWNSH V f [ v MAIL ALL COMPLETED PETITIONS TO: Michigan Marijuana Initiative JpflffirLj j&5J&aiÊÊmS Tele: (517)353-0660 East Lansing, MI 48823 f i %M f ; i n