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The Attraction Of Magnet Therapy

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The Attraction of Magnetic Therapy

Healing by the use of' magnetic force is an ancient art that is gradually being rediscovered and validated by modern science. The ancient Chinese utilized magnet therapy a long with herbalism, diet, and acupuncture. The Egyptians of the dim past, said to be the surviving remnants of the Atlanteans and Lemurians, employed magnet therapy in the treatment of all disease, though in later times the priest class selfishly kept this knowledge to themselves. The Greeks gained this knowledge from the Egyptians and are said to have published the modus operandi of the treatments, but with the burning of the great library at Alexandria the therapy was lost to the world for centuries. 

Even when it was rediscovered, the proponents of such a bold therapy based upon bio physics rather than surgery or drugs were viciously attacked by the vested medical and religious interests of the day. Paracelsus, the famous Swiss mystic and physician of the 16th century was persecuted and had all his works burnt. Dr. Anton Mesmer was likewise flayed by the orthodox medical practitioners of the late 18th century for his magnetic therapeutics.

Nowadays, however, such unorthodox ideas can no longer be dismissed dogmatically. Concepts such as acupuncture, biological transmutation, and life energy-fields that were dismissed as ridiculous only a few years ago must be considered seriously by Western science now that sensitive mechanical devices exist to measure these phenomena. Also to be explained is a mounting body of experimental evidence, such as the work of Dr. Harold S. Alexander of the North American Aviation Corp. Missile Division who demonstrated that by treating mice with certain types of magnetic fields they became more resistent to radiation poisoning, spontaneously recovered from cancer, and increased their life span by 45%!

Mystics, psychics, and sensitives have long claimed to perceive haloes of "light" emanating from plants, animals, minerals, metals. and magnets. Pioneering medical scientists l such as Baron Von Reichenbach (1788-1869) f( and his contemporary Prof. D. Enlicher of Vienna who worked closely with such people and attempted to organize their perceptions into a conceptual body of truly natural science were denounced, condemned, and finally hounded from practice by the orthodox medical group with its avowed hostility to anything beyond II it's own ambit of technical science.

The power brokers of the patriarchy remain hostile to these concepts to this day, but even they could not prevent the trickle of such intriguing ideas from coming in thru the back door and mounting to the present flood l of excitement in the public imagination.

The turning point perhaps occurred in the first decades of the 20th century when Dr. Walter Kilner of St. Thomas Hospital, London, began to visually ( explore the human aura, described by psychics as a cloud of light enveloping the human form. This "light" he made visible to the ordinary eye by the use of light filters utilizing the analine coal-tar dyes "dicyanin" and '"pinacyanol." The filters temporarily changed the physical properties of the eye, shifting the focal properties of the eye towards the high frequency, short wavelength electro-magnetic radiation in the blue end of the visible spectrum. He published his findings in a rambling narrartive form in the book The Human Aura, which appeared 1 shortly after the close of World War I. While the orthodox medical fraternity could not refute or deny his findings, they certainly could and did ignore them, passing off the l human aura as a scientific oddity, meritous of the side-show consideration given to siamese twins and two-headed monsters.

The life work of the late Dr. Harold Burr of Yale Medical School took a different approach to this same phenomenon. Reasoning that earlier investigators were dealing with the perception of electro-magnetic force, he set about to measure the electric potentials on and about the human body, and so to map out the dynamic electro-magnetic field of life. In his recently published paperback The Fields of Life he demonstrates that all life forms are ordered and controlled by dynamic electo-magnetic fields which can be measured and mapped with precision. It is this life-field that directs the constant building-up and tearing-down of living tissue. Moreover, he showed throughout experiments with "tagged" elements-that the renewal of the materials of our bodies and brains from the food we eat occurs more often than Western science had previously thought. All the protein in the body, for example, is "turned over" every six months, and some organs such as the liver, renew the protein even more frequently. When we meet a friend we have not seen for six months there is not one molecule in her face which was there when we last saw her. But, thanks to her controlling life-field, the new molecules have fallen into the old, familiar pattern and we can recognize her face.

The similarity of the energy fields of a magnet and the human life-field has long been directly perceived and understood by sensitives, yet poorly comprehended and conceptualized by so-called "scientists" who are incapable of direct perception and require machines to function in the stead of their atrophied senses. But, stepping briefly into the conceptual world of physics, we can show that it is the circular flow of electric current that creates the vortex field of magnetism, a concept put forth by Ampere in 1836, more than fifty years before the discovery of the electron. Ampere was aware of the phenomenon of electro-magnetism; that a current passing through a wire coil created a magnetic field, and he postulated that "currents that never die" exist within a permanent magnet and are responsible for the magnetic properties. The "currents that never die" in a permanent magnet are the result of the uni-directional orientation of the atoms in a magnet so that the electrons orbit in the same direction, ting a permanent "current." It is this polarization of the atomic structure that creates the two poles of a magnetic field.

Exactly why a magnet affects the human life-field remains unanswered by modern science, except to say that the human life-field is electro-magnetic and thus functions within the same sphere of energy as a magnet. Nonetheless, how a magnet affects the electro-magnetic life-field has been alternately discovered and lost throughout the ages. The South Pole of a magnet is energizing to life-fields, and appears to sensitives to emanate red-orange tongues of radiation in a wise vortex. Conversely, the North Pole of a magnet is de-energizing to life-fields and appears to sensitives to emanate a cold, blue radiation in an anti-clockwise vortex.

The type of magnet used in treatment is a simple bar magnet of the kind that may be purchased i pairs at a toy or hobby shop for between four to six dollars. The field strength of the magnets will persist undiminished for years as long as they are not subjected to heat or mechanical disruption (such as hammering) as it will de-magnetize them.

The principles of treatment are governed by whether one wishes to draw the life-field of the disease entity out of the body, as in the case of an outside disease entity, or whether l one wishes it to be absorbed into its center, as in the case of dysfunction. The following II examples will illustrate.

For those disorders arising from an outside disease entity such as bacteria or virus, the treatment should be with the North Pole so as to diminish the energy of the disease entity. The removal of warts, relief of herpes, resolution j of infection, inflammation, boils, eczma, acne, and the like may be affected over the course of several days to weeks by the application of the magnet's North Pole to the site for 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening, or alternatively, the magnet may be taped in place and worn constantly. The effect is one of numbness and reduction of discomfort, accompanied by resolution of the complaint. I myself )1 removed a stubborn plantar wart that had been with me for two years on the ball of my right foot with a treatment course of four days of l exposure to the North Pole of a small bar magnet morning and night for 20 minutes. The North Pole controls bacterial action, kills or renders ineffective cancer cells, tumors, sores, and skin rashes, which seem to die off in a week or two.

The South Pole is energizing and acts to strengthen the normal life-field, counteracting dysfunction by causing the malfunctioning portion of the life-field to be absorbed into its ff center. It is effective in relieving headache, reduces pain and promotes healing without scarification in the case of burns, cuts, severe bruises and the like. It is also effective in the relief of toothache, sore gums, arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, backache and similar cases where the human life-field requires energizing. A friend reports that the South Pole is quite effective in alleviating the soreness of swollen lymph glands accompanying colds, receiving relief upon the first application and speeding the course of recovery.

Healing by magnet is a technique that may be practiced by anyone capable of grasping the basic principles involved, and as such is a true people's I technology by and for the use and benefit of all. The use of the magnet as healer, unfortunately, is not a panacea. Proper diet is essential to provide the body with the materials to build itself strongly. Human relations are also central as their strong psychic influences largely determine illness patterns. Still you will find the magnet an invaluable aid in restoring friends and loved ones to health.

May your efforts be rewarded with health and success.

--Tom Kuzma

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From MILK & HONEY, Words and Pictures by Abdul Mati Klarwein. Published by Harmony Books.