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To the SUN: Congratulations Por having a colleetive head on yotir shouldcrs with regard to the SLA. I pretty much agreed with your editorial on them. However, while I now consider the SLA to be a pólice organized, or at least a pólice instigated group. l feit your article was less airtight than it could have been The mformation presented was largely dr cumslantial. and I try to be extra-carefu! about belleving peoplc who cali other people pólice agent s. In vuur recent series on the State's attempts to crush the Black Panther Party what made the conspiracy story airtight' was the inclusión of the FBI documenta proving beyond any doubt that the United Snakes clearly intended to destroy the black liberation movement in this country by any means neecssary. But. whére are the documents, the real proof that this CRIC group claims to have? Who are cv. anyway? Where are ihcy, coming from? Just as cops can go underground and cali themselves Lelt so too can cops organjze "Citizen's Comrnittees" to confuse the Left by calling legitímate left underground groups pólice agents. 1 am very much inclined to support CRIC's conclusions about the SLA. Alter the murder of Marcus Foster, I assumed that Üie SLA had to be the creation of the burgeoning pólice State. It could only be to the pólice State's advantage to kill a guy like Foster: it would turn public opinión against the Left. convince people that "terrorism" was becoming more of a problem here, and therefore average Americans would support the creation of an even more overt pólice State. From what I understand. Marcus Foster was supported by the entire, multi-ethnic Third World community in Oakland. and significantly, by the Black Panther Party. Who else would kill him and label him a "fascist" but the Pig. And even if the SLA was rtot really the brainchild of the CIA, they might as weil be when they pull shit like that. Nonetheless. I woiild still like to hear more about CRIC. Why don't they publish their evidence along with their conclusions? I could understand some of the evidence being sensitive, but if I were in their position I would want to publish every document I had riglit away to bolster ihc analysis. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt that much of their evidence is not documentary but corroberative', they must have some hard evi dence. Why haven't they released it? In this era of Watergate, failure to release documentary evidence at least implies that you have something to hide. I hope the SUN makes it a point to publish any and all real evidence that emerges as this bizarre thing unfolds. I would also appreciate more on CRIC; I really want to believethem. I do have one point of disagreement with the SUN editorial. You said, "The US is not Bolivia, Brazil, or Vietnam where impoverished people recognize their real enemy and will support violent action." While it is true that the situation here is' much different from conditions in the Third World, I got the impression that the SUN sees all underground activity in the US as senseless. If that's what you meant, I disagree. Somewhere along the line there will have to be a People's Army if we're serious about taking this country over, and that army will have to be organized underground. Furthermore, I even think there is a place for underground activity in the US today. The very existence of a left underground here and now (even though there are probably no more than 200 people in it, if that), is conti nued on page 8 Letters continued from page 3 living proof that the pólice State is not quite as togethe. as it wants us to believe it is It is definitely in the State's advantage to keep us all super-paranoid that they're everywhere, and that we can t possibly win against thetn. People underground are outwitting the Man nght this minute, suggesting that the clamps are not as tight as they might be. I think this opens up some important psychological space. The day may well come when a lot more folks are forced underground, and I derive a certain amount of comfort in the knowledge that some people already seem to have this harrowing existance successfully figured out. My only regret is that the underground, and Weatherpeople in particular, have not kept in touch with the rest of us as rnuch and as often as they might have. They should be sending tapes to Zodiac and LNS every week: Yes, we're all fine;yet, if you're caretul you'can avoid being infiltrated: the underground is alive and well. Weatherpeople have not done this for their own reasons, but I really wish they would. So: goodnight Bill and Bernardine, wherever you are! The other thing that underground groups can do here and now is to pull off actions that are creative, and that a broad spectrum of the country will support, or at least some kind of action that won't earn them universal condemnation like the Foster murder. For instance, suppose a left underground group had kidnapped the President of Texaco in the middle of the oil and gas "shortage," then used the tremendous media play they would have certainly commanded to calmly and rationally discuss the oil ripoff. They might have demanded that Texaco immediately drop its price back to where it was a year ago. I believe that millions of Americans were really pissed off about the oil fraud and would have supported such an action. Of course, the main problem with underground activity is that any group -- cop or real -- can go underground and cali itself "Left." There's really no way of knowing who they are unless the men bers were openly and credibly active in a community before going underground, and unless it seems reasonably certnin that the State forced them under, as in the recent case of Abbie Hoffman. The true guerilla knows hisher base, and has a base heshe can depend on. The SLA. as far as I can see, has no base, which makes them all the more suspect. However, 1 believe that credible underground activity is possible in the US, and even necessary as the pólice State tightens the noose.