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As we go to press the world stands in readiness: Kissinger has threatened to resign unless his "fair" name is cleared up; Nixon is parading about the MidEast presumably stumping to delude voters while his cohorts are parading in front of various courts to receive their unjustly light sentences; Charles Colson has agreed, after consulting with God, to teil all; there has been an unprecedented number of tornados throughout the U.S. this spring, nature's warning to all; and the SUN is shining in Ann Arbor again. MaFijuana in the news -- the sacrament moves toward acceptability. Those two classic old Southern Democrats, bastions of conservatism in the U.S. Senate, James Eastland and Strom Thurmond, apparently have altered the consciousness about the weed - they both are reported to have come out in support of legalized possession of marijuana. And locally, the only case to come up so far which challenges the recently passed local $5 weed ordinances in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti has been postponed while the defendent tries to sell his car. It seems that Ypsilantian David Grey, who was charged under state laws when he allegedly tried to smuggle some joints into the Ypsi jail, went to court on Thursday June 6th and asked for a public defender, guaranteed under the law, since he has practically no money. But the judge noted that Grey owned a car worth S400, and ordered him to sell it in order to pay for his own attorney. The Ypsi HRP has agreed to assist Grey in any way , if only he would let them know where he is. So the case remains in limbo. Up in Lansing "our" elected state legislators have been doing their thing. Their most recent efforts include two important bilis. One, passeciby the Senate and sent to the House, is a new rape law, aimed at reforming the state's 19th century law. The new law was proposed in response to demands by the Ann Arbor Woman's Crisis Center and other organizations, and makes it easier for prosecutors to convict rapists and for rape victims to testify in court without being humiliated. Now the bill must pass through the House. The House isn't just sitting around up there either though; Perry Bullard, Ann Arbor's state representative, has sponsored a resolution just passed making it possible for students to run for Regent -- which has previously been, as Bullard stated, "an exclusive club of non-students." If the Senate passes the resolution it will go on the ballot in November for voter approval as an amendment to the state constitution. This resolution is a big step in the effort of sfudents to aquire control over their own instítutions. i The unelected members of our government continued their efforts this week. The Nixon Supreme Court whittled away once agáin at the landmark civil rights decisions of the Warren Court. In one case the Court declared that although a defendent's rights must be protected, they don't have to be perfectly protected. The court decided that is was not necessary to teil a defendent of his rights, as long as a complete attempt had been made to protect them. The decisión overturned the Miranda case. which you may remember made it necessary for the pólice to inform a person of their rights so that no one would be trapped out of ignorance. . Music News: Rumors about town have it that there will be some hot acts outside the music mart this summer during the Street Fair. Old Ann Arbor favorites Bob Seger & Luther Allison are supposed to be appearing over the three days, along with the usual fine acts that appear for free during the fair. Luther will be in the area before then, appearing with Muddy Waters at Ford Theatre on June 19th. and if you check out the rest of this issue you will find the interview with Bob Seger. More music! more music! A new "Rainbow Room" is opening up at the Shelby Hotel in Detroit. The first week's show will feature the Rockets starting June I9th, and the week after, June 26-29, will bring the incomparable Charles Mingus. Any of you who missed the unbelievable Mingus Quintet sets at the late King Pleasure ought to make it to the Shelby for this one - it's a fine treat. There's also going to be a benefit for the Hot Flash, Michigan's Rock and Roll newspaper, in Kalamazoo on the 29th of June, with Uprising, Lightnin', and Scott Morgan's new band. And in the passing institutions department, it was an nounced that the site of continued on page 21 M STANDING AROUND II STONED WÏTH NOTHING il TODO? 1 Then Stop by the SUN! FR The SUN espeeiaJIy ís seeking toflUw vegtaiive reporters to cover loM1' ai and national news, peoplc wbo m télate to words as a eraf t . We atso J need book. concert, record and ofliet reviewers, survivaluseful inforniation, japhtc artists, experienced photographersatKl sertous, caieful pcople to woftc on f layout and proofreading. We can 1 pay a small stun for same of tfiese needs, fet the vast B jotity of SUN conttibutors ar J as yet votuntects. If yon can lietp ï stop by our office daytimes or Jt. cali 76U7I4S. _-K Sun Spots continuecf from page 3 the old Primo Showbar, memory lane for Ann Arbor drinkers and dancers, wili soon become a hi-fl store. The old owners had to pay off, or something like that. And the Vipers, one of Ann Arbor's finest and longest-lived bands, has finally called it quits, apparently to go individualdirecl ions. Anyone who is in need of legal help should know that there is a good counseling service available at the Free People's Ciinic on Monday nights, and that the lawyers there are ready and able to help you with legal problems. If you want to get in touch, stop down at the Free People's Ciinic Monday evenings after 7 pm, orcaU 761-8952. Another new service around town is a Car-Pool. The Community Switchboard just announced efforts to set up a car-pool through their telephone line. Switchboard has always had a long-distance ride board, but now they are offering this one for people who are based in Ann Arbor and want to get around regularly . lf you drive in and out of the area on a regular basis and wish to take advantage of the car-pool, and to save on energy, on pocketbooks. and to make new friends, cal! the Community Switchboard at 663-1 1 1 1 and get it on. There is also an attempt to get another food co-op on the west side underway. There is going to be a benefit for low oost food and no supermarket bullshit on June 22nd at Art Worlds on Main Street. There are also going to be films shown at the Father Newman Center on Thompson to help raise the go money for this most needed project. Other donations of . course would be accepted. Cali 662-4860. And what about the state oí the SUN? Things are brighter these days as summer wears on. Once again we sold every single issue of the last paper. Our classifieds are betting bigger and bigger and reports are that response to such ads in the SUN is high. ..We still would like to receive letters from all interested people in the community (or elsewhere for that matter) because that's the best way we can know how you ' the reader like your paper. ..[f you haven't hearü our deal on a loan for a coinbox, well then you ought to cali us right up. Anyway, we're still down here above the Blind Pig, so stop on down. We can always use help or at least a little tea and sympathy...speakingof which, Fish Funnies will return with our next issue, out June 28 - Friday.