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Dear Bob, , You strongly reacted to the first paragraph of the handout. I didn't write this, and I agree with you that the wording does lend itself to misinterpretation of the actual philosophy of our program. Therefore, we have changed the wording to read as follows: "The food program has been started as a service to the Ann Arbor community. As we are iimited in both funds and human energy, we are forced to place a five day limit on the service. lf for some reason after five days you are unable to find employment or an alternative source of meals we would be glad to discuss your problem." I have to agree with you that "there probably is more to lose than to gain by knocking the program in the press." This is a new program, and I feel that it is offering a much needed service to the community (a service that didn't exist until we initiated this program). There are indeed, as you say, "a lot of hungry people."" But because the program is new, we still have a few things to work out, and we welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism. However, I don't feel that all your criticisms are valid. You say the Salvation Army should give a "larger commitment." Already the Army is providing the kitchen and equipment to cook with, the food, the space for people to eat, and the funding for the program- as well as hours and hours of work by Army personnel. The larger commitment that is really needed, as you suggest, is from the community. And you are part of that community. Right now, the program exists only through the help of the Salvation Army and the volunteer efforts of Ozone House, Drug Help, and Community Center Projects. We feel that we can be of the most benefit to the community and to you as an individual if we maintain the priorities and polities presently governing the program. As I have said, we welcome suggestions from anyone- but instead of knocking the efforts and energy of the people involved, let's work together to help this community food program succeed. You are welcome. to contribute your energies and concern to help us fulfill our goals with the program. Sincerely,