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Subscribe novvgetsorneilBB Bob Seger, whose new album was called Cjr I H .Éll "best r&r lp released so far this year''ÍJ ]T J________B_J___H - Bill Adler, Ann tl...r SI VI f - - m- - ___i9 f s H I i jw .BI Vk [ .Bi .B 1. "MINGUS MOVES " 2. 'NO ENERGY CRISIS" 3. "CUITAR ARMY" Subscribe now to the SUN and take your piek of one of these free al.-. bums: ( 1 ) Mingus Moves, Charles Mingus' latest jazz recording triumph I- ' Yes! Rush tne one of those grea! albums and start my 26-issue (1 year) subwith the same fine band that has been sparking a Mingus revival in the ' HcTmeX PhV ESed is $6r,K ,k, , clubs across the country - George Adams on tenor sax, Dannie RichU ' Mum a"d 56 'SSUes f the SUN (2 years)' HEre's $100mond on drums, Charles Mingus on bass, and pianist Don Pullen; (2) No NAME . . Energy Crisis, a two record set featuring jazz masters Gato Barbieri, Pharoah Sanders, John Coltrane, Archie Shepp, Keith Jarret and lots more; ADDRESS. , (3) John Sinclair's Cuitar Army, which (from the liner notes) "stands by My first choice record is numbei Zlp itself as an explosive demonstration of the high energy rock and roll If you're out, give me number madness which has made the Motor City famous... over 100 photographs r;n a a, a , posters, cartoons and other documents of the rainbow rock a'nd líl? roll revolution. ; and (4) Seven, Bob Seger. by calling 761-7148. rnuwc