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The Busiest Corner In Town

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i WEU GIVE YOU $75.00 EVEHY TWO WEEK& j IFYOUTAKE With the new Ann Arbor SUN STREET SELLER EXCLUSIVE ' plan you can have the busiest corner in town (State & IMorth U, : pictured above) or one of many other local hot spots, all to your' self! Yup, you can get exclusive rights to sell the SUN at any lo catión of your choice -- other sellers only get papers if they agree : to KEEP OFF your territory -- If you agree to sell a given number of papers at your location. Sell your quota and you keep your : spot! : For example, if you choose one of the locations now up for grabs (State & North U, State and William, South U and East U, and the ': HillStatePackard Triangle) you need to sell 500 SUNs each issue. That's about 3 hours work each day if you sell 5 days a week -- hawk just 50 papers a day, and you make $75 profit every two : weeks! And, as a bonus, we'll give you a new record worth $5.98 FREE ; every time a new issue hits the streets. ■ Can you dig it? Alright, then contact Frank Bach at 761-7148, l mark off your turf, and start making money now! : ; (If you're the wandering type, you can still make $.15 for every SUN you ; ; sell and win a free record f you sell 100 of any issue. Cali Frank or catch ; : him at the SUN office above the Blind Pig, 208 South First St.). :