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vi#liKHi ■ ■! HH II CPLI-0576 List Price $6.98 Sale Price $4.59 X X „ DAVID BOWIE ■ MfflHlYn5 ALADDIN SANE ÍV1 69 P ■TlïlfHffiSfWB : TMC MAN WHO SOLO TMI wONLD jgg; SrralwMF I Includes: Drive-In Saturday Time By Ë Let'sSpend the Night Together r Tn JCS HMa The Jean Genie Panic in Detroit Plyy íryyyffjff LSP-4852 List Price $5.98" LSP-4816 List Price $5.98 LSP-4702 List Price $5 98 SalePricÉ Sale Price $3.5 Sale Price $3.59 ê$ 1 pi . .ij 33ÍJÍJ ÏwwhEI : dÊÈBk Also Includes: JL Includes: Sorrow Here Comes the Night Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazedl See Emily Play Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere Janine God Knows l'm Good LSP-462o List Price $5.98 I -Zl ■ 1 I I Sale Price $3.59 APL1-0291 List Price $5.98 LSP-4813 List Price $5.98 Sale Price $3.59 Sale Price $3.59 UW Briarwood Mali V Ú 5 0 ANNARBOR "