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Left Media Ignores Culture?

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Left Media Ignores Culture?

Dear SUN Editorial Collective,

I am writing to find out the possibility of reproducing a recent piece

(5/3-5/17, Vol. II Issue 9), "Charlie Haden: Liberation Music vs. ABC." I do the same sort of thing but on radio KPFK, the Los Angeles Pacifica Station; I would like to interview Haden myself but this piece is very good and is exactly the type of thing that needs to be said here, the home of Musicians' Local No. 47 (biggest in the country) – also of ABC-Dunhill.

You should be very proud of the SUN. Not only are you involved in local politics and seem to be building a large readership, but your features on culture are outstanding. As a matter of fact, it's hard to find the same sort of open analysis anywhere else on the cultural front. Left media most of the time neglects this area, partly through fear, I imagine; yet it's the one area where information and education can have effect. Whenever the twists and turns of our bourgeois culture are unravelled and exposed it helps build a real alternative culture and gives us real hope. Keep it up.

With warm regards,
John Hunt
Venice, California