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The Community Parks Program has so far held 4 successful tree Sunday concerts this summer, with at least another 6 scheduled through August. The outdoor events have been attracting upwards of 5 or 6 thousand peopl each week, aod have been fimctioning smoothly. (For a schedule of tipcoming bands see page af). But the concerts need more money to remain free. This year, as reported in previous SUNS, the city of Ann Arbor isn't contributing one dime to the entire program, which they did in previous years only under organized presswie. So this year's concerts are particularly in need of your assistance. This can come twoways. First, everyone at the concerts is asked to dump spare change and even bilis into the buckets passed around all day by the Psychedelic Rangers. These have been going well. but cannot cover the entire budget by themselves. The program is also seeking larger donations of any amount from people who can afford it and recognize the value of these eommunitytribal gatherings. If you can help send a check to the Community Parks Program, co Treasurer Gail Grigsby, Box 381, Ann Arbor 48107.