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Judge Voids Ypsi $5 Law!

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Democracy or no democracy , District Court Judge Thomas F. Shea took the opportunity last Thursday to void YpsUanti's iegally enacted S5 weed iaw. Declaring that the "city has no power to enaet a law which interferes with state Iaw", Shea overturned the 55 Iaw in the case of David Gray. Gray now faces up to four years in prison instead of a ticket. Gray was arrested a whilcback afteï . legedly caught smuggling joints intoa friend in the City jail. His case was made into a test of the law by the Ypsi pólice. We "11 have more on this situation next issue, as ii came down just before pre&stime. Take note that a special Ypsi City Council meeting will be held on this matter Wednesday at 7:30. Some irate Ypsilantians are calling tbr a smoke-in at Council to help convince that body to ■ take som -agtion■ ■ -■