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z ► Pormer White House aide Charles Colson had asked a private investigator to look into the possibüity that the C.I.A. was involved in the 1972 plane crash which killed E. Howard Hunt's wife, Dorothy. Colson's interest in the plane crash was revealed this week by the Washington Post. Post reporter Rudy Maxa states that Colson held a secret meeting a few weeks ago with Washington private investigator Richard Bast. The Post quotes Bast as saying that Colson wanted help in proving that the C.I.A. may have been behind the Watergate scandal, allegedly in an attempt to discredit high-level members of the Nixon administration. Bast says that Colson also asked him to look into the circumstances surrounding the December, 1972, airliner crash in Chicago which killed Dorothy Hunt and 42 other persons. Following the crash, investigators found $10,000 in cash-in $100 bilis- in Dorothy Hunt's handbag. In addition, it was learned that her life had been insured for $225,000 just moments before she boarded the airplane. Chicago investigator Sherman Skolnick has charged that the flight was deliberately sabotaged to silence Dorothy Hunt. The Federal Aviation Administration, however, concluded that the crash was only an accident.