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The British government has decided to rely on Engiish, rather than Americanbuilt nuclear power plants after a year long study concluded that U.S. atomic power plants are simply not safe enough. The Times ofLondon reports this week that the British governmenl will publish its findings on the safety of American nuclear power I plants in mid-July. The Times states that British atomic scientists were severelv disturbed about the high number of "abnormal occurrences" in nuclear plants in the United States last year. The Times quotes an American Atomic Energy Commission study which confirmed that American nukes suffered 861 "abnormal occurences" mg iyJ. The British study also found that because of the "occurences" or minor accidents, American reactors were available to genérate power only 70 per cent of the time during 1973. This was a drop in atomic plant efficiency compared to the previous year, the Times says.