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uie na uur s iwu iup iiewsweeKues- Time and Newsweek- have refused to sel! advertising space to a group supporting reform marijuana laws. The full-page ad, created by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), asks for contributions to help the organization continue to lobby for legislative reform on the marijuana issue. NORML is the largest such group in the country. The ad features a caricature of Queen Victoria holding a marijuana cigarette. Over the drawing the bold-face headline states "Last year, 300,000 Americans were arrested for smoking an herb that Queen Victoria used regularly for menstrual cramps." The ad goes on to note that several states have moved toward decriminalization of marijuana, and that numerous scientific studies have reported that grass is "relatively harmless." According to NORML director Keith Stroup, Newsweek rejected the ad on the argument that marijuana decriminalization is a taboo subject. Time magazine gave no official explanation for their rejection, but privately said that they objected to the term "menstrual cramps" in the ad copy. Both magazines regularly run ads for laxatives prophylactics, cigarettes, alcohol, sanitary napkins and other products that were once taboo. Stroup says heil take the issue to court if the maaazines don't reverse their decisions.