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a; o Amx a BULLETIN BOARD Bcds desparatcly needed for woman and daughter, couch and other furnit.ure also. Cali Kalhy 668-73S6. One million young men have broken the "law" and NOT registered for the draft: Let's make it TWO MILLION. Kalamazoo Committce to Rcsist the Draft. SPECIAL GROUP SUBSCRIPTION TO THE SUN: lOcentsacopy ($2.60 per year). Memberships of food co-ops, co-op houses, communes and community organizations are cligible for subscriptions at the special group rate. Teil us how many copies of each issue you can use - we deliver to your co-op or office the day we hit the streets! Irank Bach, 761-7148. Turn Us On to a store or restaurant that wants to scll the SUN and we'll give you a brand ncw record album worth $5.98 TREK. ASTROLOGER, natal charts, ínterprctations, private lessons. Cali Bill Albertson. 483-1954. WANTED: Musical Energy is needed for Ypsilanti Tree Concerts. Cali Bob after4:30at 485-291 1 . LOST Pair of wirc rim glasses. My name is Tommy, 1 left them neai your 1 2 string on Sunday , July 7. Cali 482-5 II 5. WORK WITH CHILDREN: The Children's Community Center is looking for volanteen to work with childrcn 2-7 years oíd. Cali 663-4392. MEMBERSHjP DRIVE: To raisc money for relocation. Shop at the lood Co-op. Vist The Peoplc's Food, located at 722 Packard. down froni Sla ie. MARK'S COI I EEHOUSE ON THE RISE. New Plans include: MATRIX rHEATRE - A community exhibition center for the performing, cinema and visual arts. (l'irst Hoor) children's matinees. CAI E Ol THE AMERIC'AS -- Low-cost. non-profit coffeehouse specializing in Latin American lood and drink (basement). ARTGALLERY - Changing wall displays for guest exhibitors (first Hoor and basement). YOU CAN HELP. Building estímales for bringing site up to city codes is S 1 2.000.00 (electric, air, mech, etc). With the help of faculty, student and community friends, we've raised $9,000. and have already begun construction. $3,000 more will enable us to open. If you can loan, dónate, invest or co-sign for any portion of Ihis urn, cali the New World Media Project, 761-9855, Keith or Bill. WANTED Looking to buy a used, reasonably priced Minolta 100 or 101 or a Kowa 6 in good operating condition. Bill 668-6125. GIGS WANTED: Folk, jazz or blues artists tor free cofïeehousc in Birmingham. We pay $15 for single or $20 for group. Send name and phone number to: Friday's Alterna tive Coffeehouse & Common Ground; 1090 S. Adams; Birmingham, Mich. 48011; Alln: Buhha Excellent photographer available for passporl, wedding, portrait, and all sorts of photo work. Experienced, sensitive and reasonable. Cali Tom Landecker, 662-4684. JOBS OPEN. The SUN needs energetic writers, researchers, cditors who would like to dig into the national. state and local government. People who want to know what is really going on with U of M, public schools, eommunity events. Some articles receive $5 to $10. Cali 761-7148. Makc money on the strccts distributing flyers and handbills in the AA Ypsi arca. Cali Genie Plamondon, 761-7641, Rainbow Agency, 208 S. Iïrst St.; Ann Arbor (behind the ' Blind Pig). The SUN needs creative, careful photographers, artists, layout people. Proofreaders with a sharp eye are also in demand. Some art and photos pay $5. Artists and layout people can also receive commission for advertising layout. Cali 761-7148. BROKER TO PULL COMPANY TRAILERS, must have tandem tractor. Cali 426-2341, 8 to 4pm. NEEDED: Short story & script writers wishing to particípate in signifigance. lor particulars contact Black Sheep Prod, 2407 Glenwood, Toledo, Ohio 43620. Royalty payment plan. HELP WANTED: Part time, responsible pcrson with car to do Ann Arbor SUN store and coinbox distribution and home delivery in AAYpsi area. Start at approx. S2 an hour, room lor advancement. I rank Bach, Rainbow Trucking, 761-7148. RIPRESENTATIVF WANTED: With at least I ycar direct sales expericncc. Must be good on the telcphone. Exceptionally high paying position. For a confidential interview, write District Manager, Commercial Trades Institute, 3701 Moorland Dr., Midland, Ml. 48640 PUBLICATIONS GROWING MARIJUANA by Dave Fleming. 16th printing. Outdoors, indoors. 50 pages. Send $ 1 .25 to Major Minor, 3356 Virginia St. "L; Coconut Grove, Florida 331 33 THE JOYS OF MEDITATION by Justin F. Stone. 94 pages. The "how and why"of meditation. A do-i tyourself book of varied meditation techniques. Send $3.25 to: Major Minor, 3356 Virginia Street "D"; Coconut Grove. Florida 33133 YVHEELS Fot Sale: two good condition 10 speed bikes. One Raliegh with extras jn excellent condition, $210. Plusanother 10 speed almost new, $125. Cali 662-4773, ask for Nick. For Sale: '68 GMC Suburban, V8, P.S., P.B. auto trans. New Snow tires & exhaust system. $600. Seeat921 S. División, No. 7. WANTED: 3 speed bicycle in good condition. Willing to pay around $35. Please cali 7697265. FOR SALE: '69 Nova. 6-cylinder automatic. Excellent condition, good basic car. Fine second car. Cali Jim after 5,662-6726. FOR SALE: Black 1 22 S Volvo hood, good except for small dent, $10. Also, grey hood with bigger dent, but reparable, $5, cheap. 3 good headlights $3. PyrenniesSamoyed puppies, $30 each. Cali 994-4264. IOR SALÍ-: 1968 MC.B for parts. Come on out and haggle. Cali Dougat 769-01 14 FOR SALF.: Unicycle 20 in. Like new. Flectric hcatcr, Schick man's hair styler, cali 4344012. FOR SALE: 1971 Mercury Comet, 6 cylindcr. SI500 or best offer, standard transmission. Cali, after 4, 994-5949. I OR SALE: 1969 Malibu, excellent condition, P.S., P.B., Cali 437-23 13 after 6 pm. $800. FOR SALE: 1965 Ford Van. Good Mileage, sonie body work, $400. Cali 426-3779 days, 426-3286 evenings. IOR SALF: 1963 Ford V8, Looks clean, runs ntce. $l50or best offer. Frank Bach 761-7141 ida'y), 761-1707 (evenings) FOR SALE Available immediately. Mobile home on lot. with shed, beautiful spacious interior, unfurnished, room for garden, $4900 Cali 665-7530 persistently. FOR SALE: Nice mexican clothes for sale, raen's and women's shirts, dresses, kid's shirts, rugs. Great dresses for pregnant women. Cali Lexa at 994-5617. Inexpensive. Mobile Home. 12x60, 10x16 add a room. Bedroom,unfurnished shed. Skirting. May stay on lot. Must sell immediately, $5100. Cali 485-7684 or 485-7166. FOR SALE' Kenmore zig-zag sewing machine in wood cabinet, $65. Hardly used. See Lucy at 217 3rd St.. upstairs. PENNED PALS Aspiring writer in prison seeks professional or collegiate co-writer for explosive penal type "Godfather". Have much material. Raymond E. James; No. 35259; P.O. Box 1000; Steilacoom, Wash. 98388 Prisoner with 18 months to serve needs suppliés for legal actions such as typing and carbon paper, pens and refills, etc. Suppliés must come directly from a commercial business. Suppliés can be sent from a business in your area andor funds for an order of suppliés can be sent to Staehling Bros. Printing Co.; 18 North Madison St.; Waupun, Wisc-53963 on my behalf. Dennis L. Weister; Wisconsin State Prison; Box C; Waupun Wisc-53963 PRISONER would appreciate all donated literature on astrology, tarot, black arts, etc. Send to 839 W. Huron AA or cali 663-2733. These brothers and sisters would appreciate receiving cards and letters from brothers and sisters on the streets. Herman Joseph Miller No. 126-769 P.O. Box 69 London.Ohio 43140 Nathan Curry No. 135-847-b P.O. Box 69 London.Ohio 43140 Willie McLindon No. 137-848 Box 69 London.Ohio 43140 Roger Pittman B-52410 PO Box 107 (K-37) Tehachapi, Calif. 93561 David Daniels Box PMB - 96857 Atlanta, Ga. 30315 David Henderson PO Box 57 136-829 Marión, Ohio 43302 Robert B. MacDonald Jr. PMB 36440-133 Leavenworth, Kansas 66048 SERVICES Special ceramic tile bath, 5 by 6 by 4 inly $189. Cali 4834615. 1 WILLDOWASHINGAND IRON1NG IN MY HOME. CALL. 487-5784. Custom made rock 'n' roll costumes, vamping garb or old made to fit new by RI Pulker. Cali 761-3529. Authentic antique pieces stylet1 into custom clothes, cowboy shirts, dressesblouses, shirts, handbags-one of a kind. Cali 663-9751. MUSICAL STUFF Dual 1215 S turntable, immacula te condition. $90 without cartridge. Cali Julián 761-6589. Harmony Soveriegn Cuitar with case, great shape. Best offer, cali 769-0172 Brand New Farfisa electric Insta Piano, 61 keys, brown wood grain finish. $600, cali 435-6484. Two 8 track tape player's (one auto, the other home). Also tapes. Cali Mike, 663-4631. Harmony Sovereign Guitar with case, great shape. Best offer, cali 769-0172. Akai GX-37OD reel-to-reel, $500; Akai GX-46D cassette deck, $250; Sony TC-252 reel-to-reel, $200; Sony KV1212 color TV, $250. Cali 994-5716 before 10:30 a.m. Prices Negotiable. Gibson SG standard with Humbucking pick-ups and Schailler machine heads. $275. Gibson GSS amp, 100 watt, 4 8-in speakers. $200. $425 forboth. Yamaha FG 300 with hard - shell case $200. Cali Bill 6622374. FOR SALE: Baldwin Orgasonic dual keyboard. Model 56R, 5 years oíd. Primo condition, SI 50. Cali 761-7667 after 5. I OR SALE: Sony AV-3600 Vi indi video tape recorder NEW. $600. (Sold locally at Thalner Electronics for $995 ) Save a bundle. Culi 994-6332 P.A. pieces - Acoustic 805 Columns. Eliminntor I's. 250 watt power amp. Cali 9940562, cheap. FOR SALE, Fender Musicmaster electric guitar. Good condition plus like-new Gibson Langer amp. Price negotiable. Cali Jim after 5, 769-4614. FOR SALE: Ampeg VT-40 guitar amp, 3 years oíd. 4-10's 65 RMS Excellent. S250. 665-0409 I OR SALE: Marshall Super Base, 100 watt top & Fender bottom with covers. 2 EV SRO's, $350 firm. Cali 971-3964 after 4:30 p.m. FOR SALE: Alto Sax, $70.00, also bass drum, Slingerland Radio King. Natural wood, Excellent condition, original silver plated brass fitting. $125. Cali 662-8562. 1 OR SALE: Ampeg Vt-40 guitar amp, 3 years oíd. 4-10 inch, 65 RMS Excellent. $250, Cali 662-8562. FOR SALE: 2 Century Four Speakers, ElectroVoice, $600. '"all Torn at 761-1726 after 6pm. FOR SALE: Olds Cornet, nice condition, played only [Vi years. Costs $160 new, will sell for $80. Cali Mark 668-8347. For Sale: One SG 100 watt P. A. amplifier, full tone and feedback controls. Four speaker cabinets with eight Jwelve inch speakers. Four Shure microphones, two AKG microphones, $800. 994-5570, in the morning. For Sale: one pair OHM-F speakers five months oíd, $700. Cali Eric in evening, 769-8690. WANTED TO RENT Wanted to rent. Reliable married couple seeks reasonable 2-bedroom apartment or house for Sept lst Cali 994-0126 persistently. SUN staffer is seeking to rent a 3 or 4 bedroom house. Completely or partly furnished. Willing to devote labor and energies to house in need of repair for reduction of rent. Cali Bill 668-6125. People with $$$$$ needed to share house at 1224 Prospect. Cali David at 994-4264. Big garden, nice neighborhood. i 20 WORDSFOR $ÏT "1 Phone 761-7148, or mail form below to 208 S. First St Ann Arbor. Mi. 48108 all ads $1 minimum, 5d a word for individuals, 1 0tf a word f or commercial ads. Non-prof it organizations first 25 words f ree, 10 a word af ter Name: Phone: I ' Address: i J J J I !