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: ANN ARBOR MUSIC MART '■ ANNUAL ï 4DAYS0NLY 17th20th ■ To teil you everything that's on sale would rake too much ♦ J ; room and time so take our word for it. Everything 's on Sale. j J Some items up to 50% off. j; Besides a GREAT SALE we have some j: GREAT MLSIC JLLY 19th&2Oth } Just Come And Listen to: i FREE i FRIDAY SATURDAY Howard Roberts 3:30 Madusa 11:30 ï I Maurice Anderson 2:00 Uprising 12:30 j Iris Bell 5:00 Chopper 2:00 I also Lightnin' 3:30 , Rockets 6:30 Sky King 5:00 ' RFDBoys 12:30 5 Cruiser 11:00 1 FastEddie 8:00 J Common People 9:30 ANNARBORMUSICMART J ï 336S.State