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Art & Music Festival Schedule

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Again this year thousands of people, young and old will take to the streets for the annual Free Arts Festival and the Ann Arhor Street Art Fair. This year's festivities will run from 10 in the murning until 10 at night, from Wed. to Sat., July 17-20.

Along with the hundreds of arts and crafts exhibits on display, there will be 4 days full of entertainment. On 3 stages set up around town there will be a full spectrum of sound and a variety of performing arts, as well as a circus for children and much, much more.

To help find your way around to the various entertainment areas, we've compiled a schedule of event  for each of the 3 stages.

The Main Street Stage will be in front of Art World's (between Liberty and Washington). The Main Street Stage is part of the Free Arts Festival and will be presenting shows everyday of the Festival from 1-10 pm.

The South University Stage is on East University (near SU), and is part of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair and will be presenting a galaxy of performing arts everyday of the Festival.

On Friday and Saturday of the Festival the State Street Stage will be rockin' with music. Music starts at 11am and goes to 10:00 on Fri., and 11am to 5pm on Sat.



1-10 PM July  17-20 Stage will be set up in front of Art World's, at 213 1/2 S. Main Street.

1 pm Michael the Mime 
3 pm Your Heritage House Puppeteers
4 pm Gemini 
5 pm Rachael Gladstone - folk singer 
6 pm Sherry & John - mountain music 
7 pm Sherry & John - mountain music
8-10 pm Spencer Brooks Ensemble 
1 pm Michael the Mime 
2:15pm Ann Arbor Medieval Festival 
3 pm Your Heritage House Puppeteers 
4 pm Your Heritage House Puppeteers 
6 pm Gemini 
7 pm Rachael Gladstone - folk singer 
8-10 pm Okra 
 Rachael Gladstone, Folksinger
 2pm-EI Teatro de lof Estudiontef (Chicano Theatre Group) 
3 pm Your Heritage House Puppeteers 
4 pm Your Heritage House Puppeteers
5 pm Square Dancing (tentative)
6 pm Gemini 
7 pm Rachel Gladstone - folk singer 
7:30 pm-Ann Arbor Medieval Festival
8-10pm Ars Nova 
1pm -Ann Arbor Medieval Festival
2pm- Rachael Gladstone, Folksinger 
3 pm The Extension Circus tor Children 
4 pm Strolling Players 
5 pm Square Dancing (tentative)
6pm -El Teatro de lof Estudiontef 
7pm-Sally Ryan, Belly Dancing 
7:15pm - Rachael Gladstone, Folksinger
8-10pm Mixed Bag 


Sponsored by Ann Arbor Music Mart

July 19 & 20. Stage in front of Ann Arbor Music Mart, 336 S. State; 11am -10pm Fri; 11am-6pmSat.

FRI July 19th
11 am Cruiser 
12:30pm RFD Boys 
2 pm Maurice Anderson 
3:30 pm Howard Roberts 
5 pm Iris Bell 
6:30 pm Rockets 
8 pm Fast Eddie 
9:30 pm Common People 
SAT July 20th 
11 am Madusa 
12:30 pm Uprising 
2 pm Chopper 
3:30 pm Lightnin' 
5 pm Skyking 

Besides those scheduled, there will be 2 BIG ACTS (one each day) which will not be announced till the beginning of each concert.


The stage will be set up in front of the U of M P&A Bldg., on E. University; 12 noon -10P.M.

*Ann Arbor Summer Civic Band; Wed 7pm (Lawn in front of P&A Bldg; E. University)
* Ann Arbor Summer Symphony: Thurs 7pm (Lawn in front of P&A Bldg; E: University)
*Art World's Children's Festival; Wed & Thurs 5pm: Pantomime. Mime. Beledi dancers, and more 
*Theater Comp. of Ann Arbor: Selections from Extemporaneous Body; Wed & Thurs 7pm 
*Junior Theatre: Strolling Players (1870 type melodrama); Thurs & Fri 2pm 
*Junior Light Opera: Musical Review featuring "Pippin Co.". "Godspell", and others; Wed 4pm & Sat 2pm 
*Comic Opera Guild: Cock & Bach (3 person opera); Sat 12 noon 
*U Players; Preview, Excerpts from "The Boyfriend"; Thurs & Fri 4:30pm 
*Dance Theatre: Improvisation; Fri 7:30pm *Abbott School Kids: Preview excerpt from "This Is The Town That Was" by Carol Duffee; Thurs 12 noon & Fri 8:30 pm
*Dianne Baker: Sing-a-long; Fri 12 noon *Rachel Gladstone: folksinger & composer; Thurs, Fri, & Sat 11am 
*Sneefler: Puppeteers; Wed & Fri 1pm
*Gemini: music; Thurs & Fri 3pm
*Sine Nomine: Baroque Music; Thurs 6pm *Hoot-e-Nanny w ARC people; Thurs 8pm *RFD Boys; Fri 5pm 
*lsraeli Dancers; Sat 1pm
* Ma Davis: Jazz/Rock; Sat 3pm 
*Driving Sideways: Folk/Rock; Sat 4:30pm