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W SUNDAY Pot Luck Supper & Open Mikes Niles, 6:30pm COME - Bring food & your music to share: Women's Cultural Center, Poor Women's Paradisc. 946 7 Mile, Vi block east of Woodward. Detroit Learning Exchange Meeting: educa tional cooperative and resource center; 4pm every 4th Sunday of the nionth. 802 Monroe St, AA Krishna Yoga I east & Festival; 4pm, 718 W Madison. AA. 665-6304 Free Museum of Natural History: Planetarium Show; 3pm. 25 cents. Comer of Washtenaw & N. University. AA. 764-0478 MONDAY Ann Arbor City Council Meeting; 7:3Opm at Ann Arbor City Hall. Hurón & 5th Ave HRP Steering Comnüttee; 5:30pm at 5 16 li William, above Campus liike Shop r-ree Legal Aid; 7-10pm al the I ree People's Clinic, 761-8592 TUESDAY Gay Liberation I rom Meeting; 8pm at 3rd floor conference room South Wina Michigan Union, 761-2044 CABLE 3: Ann Arbor Cily Couneil Meeting; 8:3Opm, Replay of Monday's meeting Free Pap Tests in the morning at St. Joe's, Cali 668-8857 for more information WEDNESDAY GAWK: Gay Awareness Women's Kollective; 8pm at 3rd floor conference room South Wins, Michigan Union, 763-4186. all aromen welcome THURSDAY HRP City Committee Meeting; 6:30pm in office at 5 16 E William, above Campus Bike Shop FR1DAY Picket Wrigley ; Lettuce, Grape & Gallo Boycott; 3;30-5:3()pm, Rides leave l'rom north side of Michigan Union at 3:15pm SATURDAY Museum of Natural History: Planetarium Show; 3pm, 25 cents, Comer of Washtenaw & N University, AA, 764-0478 Picket Wrigley & Village Córner: Lettuce, Grape, & Gallo Boycott; Ridcs to Wrigley from Village Comer. 1 l-3pm Poetry in the Park: Scheduled readings & audal jence participation (continued from Del Rio); 2-5 pm "Ughthouse Coffeehouse: Free imisic & entertainment; 8-1 lpm al I irsi Presbyterian Church of Washtenaw MONDAY-SUNDAY ♦Free Food by Ozone House; Mon Sat Noon at Salvation Army. 220 E Washington Greenfield Vfllage: w 52 historie buildings open to public; Viltage crafts demonstrations opérate 7 d.ays weck U of M Natural History Museum: Kachina Dollexhibil of the Southwest Indian; Mon-Sal 9-5 & Sun 1:30-5:30, lst tloor lobby, 764-0478 Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Birmingliam: Student Summer Exhibí I thru Sepi 15th; I ues Sun l-5pm Detroit Science Center; Mon I ri 9-5 & Sun I 2-5, Open to public, free or pay uhat you will 883-1892 COOPS Itemized Coop (food) - cali 663-1 1 1 1 tor destribution región, order, house, distribution house. Neighborhood Action Center Food Coop (serying low income people). Cali 769-3771 or visit the center at 543 N. Main, ask for Greg Peoples lood Coop - 722 Packard. M T & Tli-Sat lOam -6 pm; M&Th 7:30-9 pm. Qean-up starts at 10 am on Wednesday, meeting on Wednesday night at 7:30, cali 761-8173 lor location. Peoples Produce Coop (fruits and vegetables) - $4.25 per week. order a week in advance at 1305 Martin Place or the Northside portable. I lam - 2pm. For more info cali 449-4210 or 662-8329. Ypsilanti Food Coop - $1.00 membership fee allows you to piek up order forms at 401 S. Adams, distribution center the same, 10 am - 1 pm. For more info eall John 481-0689, Mike 483-5458, Gladys 485-0067, or Maxine 4822549. Coop Auto (car repair), cali 769-0220 lor appointment and info, 2232 S. Industrial Rd 7:30 am -5:30pm. Naked Wrench (bike repair) - cali the workshop 764-6177, Ray 761-1733, Bill 663-5579, or Chris 665-0608. LJ5 ART A) University of Michigan Museum of Art: Discoveries in Watercolor, Paul Jenkins; July 14August I 1 al Alumni Memorial Hall, 9-5 Dafly & 2-5 Sunday (Note: the Museum of Art will be closed on WF.D evenings trom July ] - Sept. For more info, contact Lilli Milder. 763-1231 North Campus Coinmons Gallery : Paintings & Drawingsby Elizabeth Hanseil; July 15-Augusl 16, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. 2101 Bonisteel Boulevard Forsythe Galleries: Ann Arbor Sesquicenlennial Drawings& Paintingby Milton Kemnitz; continu ing Trom June 5 to July 31, 5-9pm ''1)1 Nickles Arcade, NO3-091 8 U of M Union Gallery: Photogiaphic Essay on India & Nepal bj Michael Weinman: July 14 - July 28. Fitst Hoor Michigan Union ; RacKham Art Galleries: Slimmer Art Congerence Inviialional hibition; July 8-August 3 at Uol'M's Rackham Hall Art-Worlds: Photography by Stuart Abbey. "From My l'avorites"; July August 3 at 213'i S. Main, Mon-Thurs 1 :30-9pm, Saturday 1:30-5 :30pm, 668-6244 COMMERCIAL THEATRES Michigan (603 1 . Liberty, 665-6290) "Daisy Miller". July 12-26 State (231 S. State, 662-6264) "Johnny Tough" startins July 12th; "Paralla View" starting July 19th (tor two weeks) Campus (1214 S. University ,668-6416) "Daisy Miller" slarting July I 2tn (tor 2 weeks) (3020 Wayside. 434-1 782) "Herhie Ridcs Again" starting July I 2ih (tor 2 weeks) Flfth Forum - (210 S. I il'th, 761-9700) "The Three Musketeers" Fox Village - (Maple Village, 769-1300) "Chinatown" with Jack Nicholson & Faye Dunüway Brianvood Movies - (Briarwood Mali. 7698780) l-"Thunderbolt & Lightfoot", w Clint eastwood; II-"The Black Windmill", w Michael Caine; IIl-"Blazing Saddles"; 1V-"MASH"