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jpJ'', aT--" " J ■ i Cl WEte ÁwKMml fí You Can Help: # Before putting together this issue, the Ann Arbor SUN editorial board and staff j made several important decisions relating to the growth of this newspaper in the next fí two to six month period. The major effects of the decisions are that: ij -The SUN will change from bi-weekly to weekly publication, at a yet-to-be-deterl mined date, early this f all. ff -The SUN editorial and production offices will be moved from their present localj tion in downtown Ann Arbor (above the Bling Pig café) to a site more adjacent to the f( U of M Campus. Office space is now being investigated, with a move planned as soon il as possible. 1) The Ann Arbor SUN newspaper has grown from a point, two years ago, when t was l( supported mostly by the Rainbow People's Party; to where it sits now - a totally inde1) pendent, self-sufficient organization supported by the economie power t generates on yy ís own. And for the first time n three years the paper has been able to sustain the fifí nancial "break-even" point for a consistent four issues in a row (without, however, beIj ing able to cover wages for our staff). ( This is an important step for us, because we no longer have to borrow money (and go l) in debt) to keep the SUN operating. Our advertising, distribution, and circulation nl( comes are f inally large enough to meet our expenses and repay loans previously made l) to the SUN. This means our only need to borrow money in the future will be to ex pand the paper's operation (and to help us establish a payroll account for staff work( ers). ij This also comes at a time when the staff of this newspaper is larger and more stable ff than it has ever been before. We have just added three new members to the Editorial 1) Board, and in the last two months have filled six new staff positions. U We see the possibility, now, of actually reaching the community that we talk about ft when we cali the SUN a "Rainbow Community News Service." The rainbow we're re ferring to is a broad spectrum of people, throughout this entire area, that are nterested in one way or another in an alternative to the honky, capitalistcompetitive life forms 11 that currently hold sway in this country. f( We feel that this newspaper has grown to the point where it can effectively speak to, 1) and represent Ann Arbor's Rainbow Community. Now we want to move to the point II where we are actually DOING that - servicing a community that numbers in the tens ) of thousands in the Ann Arbor Ypsi área alone. There are quite a few things that we have to do to reach our goal. We've decided to start on some of them right away. Effective immediately are new production deadlines which will enable the SUN to publish one day earlier, on every other Thursday night instead of every other Friday. This means that the SUN will be available throughout the entire Ann Arbor Ypsi area on Friday mornings and will be sent to subscribers three days earlier than before. We've decided, too, to start getting ready right away for the tremendous expansión our community will undergo in September, with the influx of over 65,000 students at the U of M and EMU campuses for the fall semester. (Which also coincides with the hoped-for 1974 Blues and Jazz Festival, attracting over 10,000 more folks to this area.) With all this fall-related activity in mind, we hope that reorganization plans recently put into effect will make us able to put out an effective newspaper ONCE EVERY WEEK during the coming school year, beginning in the fall. We also want to make the SUN even more accessible to that large, active student segment of the community, and for that reason we'll be leaving our somewhat cramped offices on First Street to occupy larger space near the U of M campus. We expect to decide on our new location within the next 60 days. (Information about office space available in the State Street or S. University areas is needed right now. If you know about an office - of at least 700 square feet ■- please cali Frank Bach at the SUN right away - 761-7148.) We know that these improvements and changes will cost money, but this is entirely necessary if we are to continue our expansión and development. The SUN will need at least $1 ,000 to relocate in larger offices on campus (to cover one month's rent, security deposits, renovation, etc). The SUN staff is initiating a fund-raising campaign so that we can make the move as quickly as possible. People that want to help the SUN move ahead can contribute money (in any amount) in the form of donations or as loans (with interest, if desired). Individuals or groups that want to support the SUN in this way should contact David Fenton or Dianne Ripley at the SUN offices, 208 South First, Ann Arbor; 761-7148. Help will also be needed on benefits our staff is currently working on, to be held in local bars and halls during the next two months, with music donated by area musicians. Watch for details of upcoming events as they are solidified. (Bands that want to play at these SUN benefits should contact Kathy at the SUN.) -- The Staff of the Ann Arbor SUN