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Toronto Blues Festival

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last weekend in the fair city of Toronto there was an outdoor blues festival held on the Toronto Islands, attended by many American brothers and sisters, who discovered on arrival that the camping space that they had been promised was non-existent. Fortunately the Police department decided that they weren't really into pushing people off the parking lots in the area because they realized that (a) it would look very bad to start shoving tourists around who had been more or less duped into being in the predicament they were in, by what was reported as being false advertising by the promoters from this neck of the woods; and (b) they did not want to have a full-scale riot on their hands over so petty a reason.

The purpose of this letter is to ask you and the people and the press services to please refrain from attending concerts in the area, unless you have gotten in touch with us at the address below; and checked with us and the people in the community as to where the promoters heads are at etc.

Yours Sincerely, Brendan Paron, The Real Free Press; 334 Queen St W; Toronto, Ontario; Canada.