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EPITATH OF THE WEEK: "One tliing I luivc notcd as I have travelled around the country is the tremendous number of chitaren who come out to see the President ial candida tes. ít wakes yon realizc that whoevcr is President is going to be a man that all children of America )k up to or down on, and I can only sav I um very proud that President EisenhoWer restored dignity and decency ainl, frankv, giiod langnage to the eondiut of the Presideney of the United States. " -- Spoken by Dear, Departed Dick in a TV debate with John F. Kennedy, October, 1960. Early warning: This is the last SUN for the month of August, as we are skipping an issue lo prepare for the general SUN transformaron detailed on page .Due to the skip. this issue's calendar goes up to September 4th, our next pubiication date. Health Care in China will be the "next in a series of excellent programs sponsored by the Us-China People's Friendship Committee. These are good opportunities to learn from firsthand accounts what's going on inside the planet's most populated alternative institution. The health symposium is August 9th, 8pm in the Michigan Union... Jane Fonda is making a film of her and Tom Hayden's recent trip to the Republic of North Vietnam, to be eniitled "Vietnam Journal." The state of Michigan statute making possession of two or more ounces of marijuana legal proof of "intent to sell" has been deemedunconstitutional in a ruling by a Macomb County Judge, who held that the provisión violates the constitutional right of a defendant against self-incrimination. If this stands it wili make the much more severely penalized "intent" crime hard to prove in cour!... On account of a bil! just passed by Congress, University students now have the right to inspect their own academie files, including recommendation letters, test scores, counselors comments, etc. If schools don't comply they lose their federal funding. The McDonald's takeover of Maynard Si is on its way; the Nickel's House being scratched for Ronald McDonald's scurvyburgers. Anyone interested in helping to organize and carry thru some kind of protest againt the construction (expected to take place behind a tall fence to be built around the site for protection) should contact Phil at 665-8774... Registration has beguti al Art Worlds for their fa]] session workshops in just about every thing starting September 16. hnrollment is limited; for info cali "the school that is not a school" at 568-6244... Dixboro Nursery Coop has openings for three and four year old boys and girls. For more info cali Dorolhy at 487-9233. MUSIC NEWS: The Community Parks Program lineup from here on out goes like this: 811 - Salem Witchcraft, Cloudburst, Denny Maury Band, Martian Enthropy; 818 - Riot, Nature, Okra, Naught Music; 825 - Uprising, Mojo Boogie Band, Alfa Clintoris and Electric Express... We couldn't verify this as we go to press, but we're toitl that free concerts will begin tbr a couple of weeks in Ypsilanti's Riverside Park, starting August 24. A documentary on the life of powerful Janis Joplin is due for film release early this fall, including footage of Janis at WoodStock, her early days in then communal San Francisco, and an interview from the Dick Cavett show. Early reports are that the film is straight-on and non-exploitive of Janis" legacy... Rolling Stone has been running some decent and informed politiealnews features of late. although fheir music seetion remains much on the level of Teen Magazine stargossip. In line with the news emphasis, Stone is sending Richard Goodwin to open up their Washington Bureau... Speaking of stardom decadence Mick Jagger has installed one-way blaeked out windows in his Rolls Royce. i WiH the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival be broadcast live on a major FM y station in Detroit or Windsor?.. Don't forIget to WATCH THE BORDER when you go through to the three day Fest, Stashes are a no-no... The other reminder is to register to vote James Stephenson and his ilk out in April... The SUN benefit at the Blind Pig last Wednesday featuring the Rabbitts raised about $95 to help us move to new space. The next jamboree is at Flick's on Wednesday the 14th, wtth Chinner spinning record-hop danceabilly stompmusic... The Tate Blues Band has moved to Memphis (long distance, operator) and seem to be getting a full schedule of gigs. A new bicycle or-dinance is in the works for Ann Arbor which would require all bikes sold to be registered with the city. ostensibly to help cut down thelts. Other features of' the regulations now being studied by Council committee include bicycle path ramps on lieavily travelled curbs. stricter obeyance of traffic laws and dropping the ban on riding on downtown sidewalks... Regrettably Fish Funnies again failed l" appear this issue, but Cindy and Dave return to these pages soon... By the way, in case you haven't noticed, these spots were written somewhat hastily due to oyei taxed deadlines and Nixotfs dethronement... Please send us love or hate letters for the column above... This issue's cover designed by Barbara Weinberg.