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"The system works," they say, and they're right. The political system works to keep the present economie system operational and the power of government in the hands of corporate oriented politicans, the CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the entire military-industrial-financial cartel. The economie system, however, does not work. Shortages, phony crises, rampant inflation ( prices jumped yi'r last month, which if it keeps up will mean an incredible yearly ncrease of over 40Í ), unemployment, strikes, recessions, pollution and the disintegration of the world capitalist economy are the symptoms of imperialism on the skids. These problems cannot possibly be solved by the resignation of Tricky Dick. They will only be resolved when the people organize to impeach the whole obsolete system of competition, self-interest, greed and monopolized wealth which is perpetrated under the present economie and political machinery. Richard Nixon was not deserted and publically outcast by politicians and the media because he did or did not implement economie changes. He was not run out of office under fire of impeachment because he blatantly and illegally bombed Cambodia or carried on a genocidal war for territory in Southeast Asia (muchof which, despite Nixon's parting tears over "world peace," is still going on with American financia! support). Nixon was run out of office only because he laid bare the actual process behind the facade of American politics to the light of day. Not because he practiced corrupt American politics - they all do - but because he exposed it for the world to see. The Watergate break-in. secret pólice, dirty trieks. the IT&T bribery - these are the antics of any administration trying to keep the present superstructure from falling apart. Nixon has been forced out because under his dominion scandals like these reached the public, threatening to pull the sheets off the biggest cover-up ever - the reality behind the indoctrinated illusion of political and economie America.