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Vesco Finances Heroin Ring?

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Vesco Finances Heroin Ring?

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations began hearing July 22nd into the alleged mysterious connections between fugitive financier Robert Vesco and high-level members of the Federal Drug Agency.

Senator Henry Jackson said that his subcommittee has subpoenaed three members of the Drug Agency to testify at Monday's hearing.

The three men, says Jackson, are former agents Sergio Borquez and Robert Saunders, and their superior in the Drug Agency, John Kelly.

The subcommittee reports that these three agents carried out a private operation for Vesco back in 1972; according to Senate investigators, the three used electronic devices to "sweep" Vesco's home and office on the East Coast to make sure the premises were not being bugged.

Why the agents allegely performed the service for Vesco, a private citizen, has not been explained.

The relationship between Vesco and the Drug Agency surfaced during a Senate investigation into charges that the Drug Agency suddenly cancelled its own investigation into an international heroin smuggling ring when it learned that Vesco was allegedly backing the scheme financially.

Vesco's possible involvement in the smuggling venture was first reported last fall by a drug undercover agent named Frank Peroff. Peroff has charged that both the Drug Agency and the White House were aware of the "investigation being sabotaged" as soon as Vesco's name entered the picture.

In the meantime, Peroff filed suit Wednesday against the Justice Department, demanding that Federal Marshals continue to protect him and his family. Peroff had been provided with Federal protection until this week, when the marshals were removed .

Peroff insists his life is being threatened by heroin smugglers he has informed on, and his suit alleges that the protection is being removed by the Justice Department as an act of vengeance against him.