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Volume 2, Issue 16 Aug. 9-Sept. 6, 1974 The Ann Arbor SUN is published bi-weekly by the Ann Arbor SUN, Inc., offices are at 208 S. First St., 48 108. Phone(313) 761-7148. Subscriptions: $6 for 1 year; $10 for 2 years. Application to mail at second class postage rates is pending at Ann Arbor, Michigan. SUN WORKERS EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE: Barbara Weinberg (Art Director), Kathy Kelley (Production Manager), Elaine Wright (Production, Calendar), Gary Keil (Art & Layout), David Fenton (Managing Editor, Business Manager), Torn Pomaski (Advertising Manager). CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Ellen Hoffman (City News), Bill Adler (Music), Michael Castleman (Free Clinic), Tom Kuzma (Science), Ellen Frank (Movies), Pun Plamondon (Planet News), John Sinclair (Founder). WRITERS: Marty Stern, David Stoll, Jim Dulzo, Dan O'Grady, Stephen Hersh. ART & PRODUCTION: Matt Fairey, Dianne Ripley, Tom Kuzma, Tom Copi. OFFICE MANAGER: Dianne Ripley. LOCAL ADVERTISING SALES: Tom Poma ski and Bill Koopman. DISTRIBUTION & CIRCULATION: Rainbow TruckingCo., Ann Arbor; Big Rapids DistribuciĆ³n, Detroit. STAFF THIS ISSUE: Jake the Shake, Tom Landecker, David Knapp, David Wiess, Margje Kelley, Bob Theil, Roger Kose, Woody McGee, Reg Wells, Peggy Skalsey, Allen Hatch, David Cahill, Peggy Taube, Margie Cohen, and room for MANY MORE.