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Eddie Robinson

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Eddie Robinson, Reflections of the Man Inside, Myrrh MST-6528.

This isn't a record you hear; this is a record you feel. You gotta get it in your soul, and if you can't with this record, you ain't got a soul. Eddie Robinson is a young man from this area who (if you need a label) sings gospel music. However. no matter who your Lord is, Eddie is your man. I guarantee it! He wrote all nine of these "feel good" tunes, and sings them all with the most soulful voice this side of Levi Stubbs. He also did his own arranging on the two mellow ballads that also feature his sweet piano.

On "I've Been Touched", Eddie says "You see, this is my testimony" and makes us feel that it really is a man's inner soul reaching out to communicate with all of us. He tells us in "Brand New" (my own personal favorite) that "From the crown of my head to the soul of my feet/ l feel the spirit moving all over me." Me too.

Myrrh Records is a small company with not too much promotion money, so you probably won't hear this album on too many stations, although it would certainly be a welcome change from most of the redundant pap on most radio stations "must play" lists. The Detroit R&B stations did have the sense to give some air time to the single, "I Thank You Father."

The supreme compliment one can give an album like this is that I find myself humming these tunes at unexplainable times just because they've stuck with me that deeply. The sincerity lacking in so many artists these days is apparent in Eddie Robinson's music, his voice, and his personality (I've met him). I thank you, Eddie!