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It Ain't Like They Say On Tv Part Ii

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oei JJCfflre'aveT.. ,, yr age Amerf can suffered " the-áiscornfdGf ■ JP' oF three colds a " year. Today, and a world of medïëat JT technölogy later, AmerJLcans are still sufferiftg out three cólds a year. Cold and cough remedies currentty -r o - _ J 4 enjoy sales of upwards of $650 million per vear. But they don't do anything. ' ■ ! Medical researchers are reasonablv f tain that the cotnmoncold is caused by one f or more of á group of vijuses, and is spread by Í talking, contact, sneezing -- and jjust chancmg to be in a susceptible condition in thè wrong pace at the wrong time. Cold can spread vMierever pople gathar in gíoups. Individual susceptirMlity varies greátly, and na one is reklly sure how owhy. WlrHe jkbalanced dietKadeqiateest, andoveraïl good &akh can be recomirïisndèd as genferal coMprevenMpsálthy.pebple stijl gèl colds. X } y: PCjCflfir$re unpredjctaDl. They canjasfii jV WysXipiryfnd jyèn longer , aarfie irrtgghig cougfUt.cepiiiësj3any'aild-L . symptoim have disappeared. Colds can -Jl v dragott seemmgly endlessty. or ckar 7A. -N up all ol a sudUeí, and peuple 'y'Y% generally attribMie"cutC ;) „(i ing" properties jf to w.Uateyr , r they happen to be j0' '.$oiag oi ■. taking at the moment tbc cold clears , S up. There are peo pife who Kww-ear by virïna)y gjferf yr conceivablc cold piU. régimen r and home reinedy. even those that have been proved to be lAntjhistamines.WugsïRat pfovide' f relief For hayvfevec-sufferers, enjoy a Jr cèrtain popularity as cold "remedies." jf Since.hay fevér' symptoms are similar to sonTecöJd symptoms. sume clínica] expelí .1 Wents seemra to indícate that ufty were also ,r eí'teclive " aguinst colds. Howevec, subsequent and better-cöntrolled experiments found antihistaniines worked no beitefagainst colds than pracejbos did. A placebo is a pjiuny pill tfiat looksTiEFOte-real thing whicl is gívén toa control eroupwho think they've been given the rea! thing. Placebos '"cured" as many colds as antihistaminc: did. Amihistamines noithcr cure nor prevent colds. They can fUnJïrWqujte aieEe.of diange, tqcJPurtháim'SkiRej producfejïiripleasarsiTtè eiïects in v ness,-h?ádache, aiid drowsiness. People usingaïwiisKrtknes should be extra'careful about driving whiteonlse foa . .Many geppk who are into natural fcxís,swaariilpVvafe As both a cjafd cure and preventive. The twaHrastoplásf vitaminísed against colds are vitaiins C ant Vtat%ifr; P is more commonly known as the groupof tnmicat c.oin-.. pounds called bioflavonoid.3Wiwnty(kücè ï pilëd by Consumer Reports indícales íha mamiilCruiJ neither prevent nor curehe comínqn èplèiittó W ministered. Now, thisosfcge was]ft)piöe. ffi'awsjplfe that vitamin C freaksnoablyÍMweemraJeattWíg maintain curei col3AThe vitaraiK Omttifeptfill i4ging with advocate? toüting il WiaOTtMctörslèpffma it, both sidW very pá.otiafe imahf%vat 5 you paVá yer 'rnoney and youaforyíWSS1! Qrte thing impertan, v. , hQwever, vitinvC IsreaaBÍeanchctilsjhall fraction of theprtf tïed 'rme(Jiest büsjifd by the majorffmg bpaniesjTtót í taWJoMhiigÏQi ■your cold 5rarrífn QjJ, puf ÚS&, smallesyíent m youí , ' J pur.íany WD5( Ameilnsts1iffiB'y'Cmyrleast-S0ffiya vüaniin C défi&ncy. it will hejp-balatce your hodv nutriíionalfis ëverrimwft uQf&xoLd.,,aAiL--j00 P(jj AcrosaJ niedicauons like Congcstatd uitd Pertu-sin that you spray arouud a room to reduce Üie contaeion of cold gtfrms are worthiess. Mo spray producís contain menthol, a tnild'anestiíic usei ín cjgárettes to fool smokers into thinking iheii lluoatsaren't raw and irritated. There is no "evíüence tlui spray producís have any redeeming medical valué against colds. ■ -., -Li. Contacísby far the .■ ' ""ll' . mosWieajoiy ayged COtd-product on Ule. market. ;uul is une ê of' art increasing nümber of ayer-tji-covinter drugs ':aS ie claim to fame is not what's in tljeïti fwliich isn't really worth s -nerrtioning), but how they're reteased in your body over a Jjj 10 longperiod of time. The major íailin of sustained release products is that different pcople absurb the ■"600 tiny time B pilk'' at different rates. One person may absorb too nnich loo fast white anotljet might not abswrb enough to have nny „effect at all. The uncertain absorption lates.make Cunta c and products UT!fe5Otátlal1y.Jtótí4oils-for"yoiirtg,jCK "ê' rn, eldeilyoplWmdèop1%wiJiigh biooEssAg?13gB .abetes, andheart concKiions. Even if Confac'sitigredients were released perfect!) info your sysfem, it stilt wouldn't do anythifig for your cold. except perhaps to dry up yOfit rtmnyjioËp tAa ■ S? OwhÍ What üj[óuld you do for colds? No oneknows. It has not been demojistvated tbal bed rest, aspitin and plenty uf liquids work any beifer or make recovery any quicker thah dotng nnthing at all, tUougli most people ièet like resting in be4 h when ibey have a cok! anyway. For stuffed noses, try a few drops of.PiiênylepHnne Hydoctóftride Sohiiion 14' USP, aS vailablo at any drug store, and sold at a much higher pnce under the brand name NeQLyrephrine. Foi runny noses, y if yoi're past the Sóre tliroat siage, a fe tokes of the maüic 'herb is as guod a drying agent as any thing else. It you Some people beg doctors ror aiiubioncs like penicillin n aga'inst bacteria. nUhe viruses tliat causiil'WM1116 more you take them, the more your bcxiy bnilds up a tokrHp&ïiiTeffectóo tliey might not work the next time Sfflpsajbt-need tienvlike if you conttact VOL dr ■phéfe are over 800 products avajJablè fojñ cOTwfeiSB ípPrescription, and dozensjnore avaHable wïtft,sqjTnM ij .''With sales qf these products so hlgli, it is remárkabfethat ;, reliable evidence of the effecffyeness f'popula cnmvfH edies is yirtually rmpossible to,firrí;" (Cj)nsuraerJReM7 People think they work,-i)uí noQejworkxany tettr.mao fnB phony placebos, so it comes down to ajnatteióraïthcy UU k Most cough syrups are combinajions ofjiigxïmsiMmffjü 'ïhe sore throat ,and, alcohorto.lift youriVitsxYoVra ter off withoutbotru The opiata cóöeirie ,r mpréjCöimiayj ïA&SÊfxh -oxi?h o mjol center' of the.lak, Wm BKéQMHMynKtentcougb in me;rcornmencfejl SSS%iore. codne hala',nurt4&f distrèssirlï gBrc among whi( He: a hofitt4UtihigM frf quency of upset stomadh. possibly nausL. drug haiigovcr ƒ and splilting lieadaciie the next morning. For a cough TowlfrpPirink hot drinks, and suck on hard candies. If you develop a naggirjg cougfi apart from having a coíáy and it p'ersists f'or.á week, come into the Free People's