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Mixed Bag

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Mixed Bag is a cooperative unit, that is, there is no specifïc group leader, it varies from situation to situation.
Mixed Bag is:
-Pianist Eddie Russ who's played quite a bit in western Michigan- Grand Rapids, Albion, etc. He has a 1974 record release on the Jazz Masters label called "Fresh Out".
- Larry Nozero, who is a first call alto player and doubles on soprano sax and flute besides. Larry played with the DC5 in the mid-Sixties. He is featured on Sphere's Strata album "Inside Ourselves" and is the author of the soprano sax solo heard on Marvin Gayes' "What's Goin' On". Look for his new album "Time" as part of Strata Records fall release.
-Drummer Danny Spencer who has played widely in Detroit and Ann Arbor and recorded on all the CJQ's efforts. He toured Europe with Belgian guitar wizard Rene Thomas and played in a rhythm section with Hal Galper, piano; and Dave Holland, bass; behind singer Jackie Paris. He is one of the area's most admired drummers.
-Jerry Glassel, guitar. Glassel is from Jackson and a mainstay on the varied music scene there. He is extremely versatile and can be heard, with Russ, on "Fresh Out".
-Ron Brooks, bass. Like Spencer, Brooks has played and recorded with the CJQ. Ron also recorded with pianist Bob James and toured Europe with hornman Dexter Gordon and trumpeter Art Farmer and others. He is very active in Detroit and Ann Arbor.
Mixed Bag has been featured for over a year at Ann Arbor's Del Rio Bar at the Sunday afternoon jazz specials, where knowledge of their presence lines people up around the block waiting to listen close up.
Treasure your good seat.

- Bill Adler