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Dear SUNfriends; After reading (mainly one on Vitamins) memorable articles in your "medical" pages, I am obliged to write to you. First I am aware of much of the bullshit that the "medical profession" is into. 1 am also aware that some hip medical people (and the SUN) are doing stuff to help and edúcate the people. Unfortunately, you (let us say we) are not doing enough. The problem is this: even the most healthy of us- even those who eat whole food, little liquor, no smoke etc. are still subject to intake of various substances- beyond our control- thru the air and water. And anyway, for how long have how many of us been in intelligent , conscious control of what we even eat? With heavy metal wastes floating around in the air, water (and food)- lead, mercury, cadmium, strontium 90, and various peoplemade chemicals and poisons recycling and building up daily in our systems- none of us can be sure that we are not suffering from nutritional imbalance, poisoning, pre-clinical cáncer, heart disease, etcétera. Manymost of these poisons and imbalances- according to "How to Survive the New Health Catastrophes" by H.R. Alsleben, M.D.- can be detected and treated. Ultimately our main defense is prevention, but meanwhile we must check these facts and pursue education of people further. How about an amino acid rundown? How much is necessary of which? Where is it found? Which are destroyed by cooking? Peace,