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Madison Ht's To Ban Rolling Papers?

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In a valiant attempt to crack down on out-of-hand herb-smoking by its citizenry, the City Council of Madison Heights is preparing to ban cigarette papers for people under 18.

The law would prohibit merchants from selling the hot little items to those under the age of majority, and also require customers over 18 to first show identification, then sign a logbook with their name and address, such as is required when purchasing certain prescription drugs.

Councilman Loren E. King, the original inspiration for the measure, said he decided to propose the law after witnessing what he described as "strange-acting" young persons buying beer and cigarette papers in a local party store.

"I don't know if the ordinance is legal, but if it does nothing else, I hope it will discourage these purchases," King told his fellow councilmen. "Let's adopt it, and then let the courts battle it out."

Which is now a likely prospect, because the council has voted 4-3 to adopt the ordinance on first reading. If it receives a yes vote again on the second reading September 9th, it will become law 10 days later.