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Bullard Blasts Milliken On Secret Police

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State Rep. Perry Bullard of Ann Arbor has blasted Governor William Milliken's statements of August 28 on the State Police Subversive Activities Investigation División as a "jive, politica! cop-out." "The Governor said he might support the revisión or abolition of the unit but failed to give any informa tion about the extent of the Subversive Activities División surveillance against the citizens of this state," Bullard stated. "The Governor told me in a letter Wednesday that State Pólice Director Col. George Halverson will respond to my letters to the State Policë but gave no assurance that my questions will be answered. It is important to the citizens of Michigan as well as to the legislature that the extent of these political investigations be made public." Bullard emphasized that this action came only after the State Pólice admitted that they illegally investigated a Detroit-based consumer group and its president, after a Detroit Free Press editorial condemned this abuse of pólice power. Bullard was quick to point out that he has yet to receive any ánswer to nine "very reasonable" questions which he submitted to the State Pólice in late March. He added that these same questions were sent to Governor Milliken by himself and six other legislatorsü in late June, requesting that the Governor instruct the director of the State Pólice ( then the notorious Col. John Plants ) to answer them. Bullard said the public has a right to know how much money is being spent to investígate alleged subversives; how many agents are involved; how many wiretaps are involved; how many bugging devices have been installed; whether Tiles are being kept on legisla tors; and how many files this unit maintains on individual citizens. The Ann Arbor legislator also said that he has received information from informed sources that the State Pólice are presently destroying some of their files which might prove politically embarassing. He added that this destruction is being done under the guise of "updating" the files.