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SL O A!M BULLETIN BOARD Loving home needed for affectionate stray kitten, black & beautiful & possibly pregnant. 994-5704. Need ride & help in moving to SFBerkeley area as soon as possible. VVill share expenses. Cali Jeanne 761-2449 Looking for past incarnations, delve into Forgotten Works; afternoon Fri-Sat, 410 N. Fourth Ave., Antique Village. "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO OUIT SMOKING." Anyone who is sincere about quitting the unhealthy smoking habit, we have an aid for yon. NO clinics, NO coimes, just $10.00 and your desire to stop. I starled smoking at 1 3 years of age. - And now I'm 27, I stopped smoking in 17 minutes; Send M.O. only-if you don't snioke, help a friend. Ed or Rose Pearson; PO Box 5299; Sherman Oaks,Calif. -91403. MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: To raise money for relocation. Shop at the Food Coop. Visit The People's Food, Iocated at 722 Packard, down from State. WORK WITH CHILDRÈN: The Clnldren's Community Center is looking for volunteers to work with children 2-7 years oíd Cali 663392. Wan led one-ton Jlatbed trouck with dual wheels mechanically sound Om Shanti. Cali Dennis, 994-0767. SPECIAL GROUP SUBSCRIPTION rO THE SUN: lOcentsacopy ($2.60 per ycar). Memberships of food co-ops, co-op houses, commune; and community organizationsre eligible for subscriptions at the special group rate. Teil us how many copies of each issue you can use - we deliver to your co-op or office the day we hit the streets! Frank Bach, 761-7148. Turn Us On to a store or restaurant that wants to sell the SUN and we'U give you a brand new record album worth $5.98 FREE. WHEELS FOR SALE: 27-ft. Bonanza 5th wheel camping trailer, self-contained sleepsö. $4000. Cali 437-36I6. FOR SALE: 1966 VW bug, rebuilt '60 engine, nood body. Cali 2275141. For Sale: 966 Ford V8. In good condition, best offer. Frank 7611707, or 761-7148. 1972 Honda 750. Low mileage, new' Dunlop K-81's. New chain, Jardine header, all black. Maturely driven & maintained. Best offer, cali 485-791' '71 VW Bus, good condition and extras, cali 761-4323. FOR SALE Denim clothing designed by artist -skirts and handbags. Will do commissions. Cali Deb 994-0126. reasonable, but flashy. Antiques, clothing general, tapestries, silver goods, & mise, in Golden Antiques, 619 Packard at Hill & State. Open afternoons, soon. KALSO EARTH SHOES: low cut, brown suede, womens size 8V2 - $20 never worn-call Margo 4295574. Wanted cheap or free: easy chair, end tables, desk lamp. fan, etc. Will remove. Doug 761-1707, Mon.TTues. ORGANIC BEEF (no hormones). Raised locally. All cuts. Lean meat hamburger, porterhouse. sirloin, tongue, round stead, ehuck and othí cuts. 'Á cow - minimum order 10 lbs. Cali 769-7354, evenings. UP Acreage for sale outside Newberry, 20 or 40 acres. Small down and monthly payments, fand contmet. Cali Larry (313)676-1881. EOR SALE: NCR antique cash regi ter. Works manually or electrically. Cali Ed. 891-9746. Tools Wanted: American or Metric to buy or trade. Cali Milt at 9730363 WANTED: Broom hand les with 01 without heads. Will pay up to 25 cents each. Cali 663-9751. SERVICES 1 wii 1 nowAsiiiNc; and irONlNCi IN MY HOME. CALL, 487-5784. Custom made rock 'n' roll costumes. vamping garb or old made to tlt new by RI Pulker. Cali 7613529. Authentic antique pieces styled nto custom clothes, cowboy ihirts, dresses, blouses, shirts, ïandbags-one of a kirid. Cali 663-9751. Complete peopleg dinner-$3.95. Contact "Auggies Eroggies." Looking for someone who has living space in their home for you? Our service helps you find a place to live. Cali N ASCO 994-6103. $30 fee. IMMERSION IN SPANISH: CUAUHNAHUAC, a teacher's collective, offers intensive programs in Spanish as a second language. Student-teachi ratio ranges from 1:1 to 4: 1 in a vari ety of programs. Special scholarship program for persons of Latin American descent. Complete information: APDO C-26, Cuernavaca, Mexico. ASTROLOGER, natal charts, interretations, private lessons. Cali Bill Albertson, 483-4615. pecial ceramic tile bath, 5 by 6 by 4 nly $189. Cali 483615. RENT Needed: 1 large studio for artist' use Willing to pay $75 a month. Tim Cal lalian, 994-5818. WANTF.D: One-bedroom apartment; in older house, for fall. Willing to pay around $70 per month. Cali 769-7265 or 769-7187. lave a room ánd need a roomate? iVe'll find you one at no charge. Cali MASCO 994-5202. Looking for someone who has living space in their home for you? Our service helps you find a place to live. Cali NASCO 994-6193. LANDI-ORDS: Have a room or tiouse vacant? We have qualified clients at no charge to you. Cali NASCO 994-5202. Wanted five acres or more land with farmhouse preferably to rent, possibly tobuy. Within commuting distante of Ann Arbor. Cali collect 576-0737 persistently. Available now. Own room and share house close to town. $125 plus milities. Natural whole foods, gentleness or style; 769-5077. Male age 21 with upartment; want Jemale to share with. Cali be,tween 12-7 pm. 423-4246. MUSICAL STUFF WANTED TO BUY. The lst two NAZZ albums. Willing to pay extremely good price. Cali John, 6631616. Sony 630D open reel tape deck, 3 heads. SOS, echo. playback scarcely discernlble trom source. $200 cali 994-A433 San Souci 1 000X receiver, good condition. $150. Fuji S 10S, 10 speed & $10 lock & chain& light. Perfect condition. $160. Cali Mary 994513Q. FOR SALE: PA columns, Acoustic 850's. Like new. Also power amp, cali 994-3213 between 5 & 7 pm. FOR SALE: Advent 201 Cassette deck. Dolbyized. CRO2 and Reg. Tape. Excellent conditon. $180 or best offer. Cali 482-8091 or 6686151 after 5 pm. MARSHALL 100 Watt rms guitar amp and one angled bottom, covers. 3 months old, paid $800, sacrifice $550; KUSTOM 100 watt PA amp, 4 channels, reverb, 3 months old. Paid $400, sacrifice $250; EV SRO 15 inch speakers $55;VOX 100 watt rms tube beatle amp, needs work, $75. Cali Lew 665-0505. WANTED: Marshall 50 watt rms gui tar amp; JBL 10 and 1 2 inch guitar speakers; or ADVENT stereo speakei -Cali Lew' 665 -05 05. Grammar Acoustic Guitar. Nashville made. Cost appro $450 new. $200 with case. Cali 485-7917. 20 WORDS FOR $ï ! f Phone 761-7148, or mail form below to 208 S. First St , Ann Arbor. Mi. 48108 all ads $1 minimum, 5tf a word for individuáis, 10r a word for commercial ads. Non-profit organizations first 25 words free 1CW a word af ter 25. Name: Phone: I Address: """"" ■■■■ iBBMMMMH MWO74 -JHBIMiaa J j J ! iriEDS JL AKAI-X-18OO5B combination reel & 8-track cartridge recorder. Excellent condition, SI 65. Cost ($400 new) or will trade for suitable color TV, 994-6332. WANTED: Solid rhythm guitar player wHh strong bulegrass and or country voice. Ability to play electrical guitar desirable. Wülin to work very hard and travel nationally with Colorado based recording group, MONROE DOCTRINE. Contact Steve, (303) 279-7754. Please, only very goo players need apply. Gibson SG standard with Humbucking pick-ups and Schailler machine heads. $275. Gibson GSS amp, 1 00 watt, 4 8-in speak ers, $200. $425 for both. Yama ia FG 300 with hardshell case $200. Cali Bill 662-2374. FOR SALE: Baldwin Orgasonic Jual keyboard. Model 56R, 5 years old. Primo condition, $15( rail 761-7667 after 5. ■OR SALE: Sony AV-3600 Vz-'m (ideo tape recorder. NEW. $600 Sold locally at Thalner Electrones for $995.) Save a Bundie. Cal )94-6332. rOR SALE, Fender Musicmaster iectric guitar. Good condition )lus like-new Gibson Lancer amp 'rice negotiable. Cali Jim after 5 7694614. OR SALE: Ampeg VT-40 guita mip. 3 years old. 4-10 inch, 65 ÜMS, Excellent. $250, Cali 662562. -OR SALE: 2 Century Four ipeakers, Electro Voice, $600. ?all Tom at 761-1726 after 6 pm OR SALE: Old Cornet; nice nndition, played only l'2 years. losts SI 60 nou. will sell lor Í80 .'■ill Mjrk 668-8347. : sun l Goes l Weekly i Sept.2O l For HOME : f ; DELIVERY : caii : j : 994-4337 5 ï NOW! FENNEDPALS I he: brothers .ind sisters would iate b eiving cards and lel I uts trom brothers .nul sisters on I he Ma'L'tv Herman Joseph Miller; No. 126769; PO Box 69; Londen, Ohio E 13140. I Pcier M. Field; No. 9533-147; P lf" 1000;SandstOBé. Minn. - I 55072. 1 rnest James Baxter Jr.. No. 1 31 I 974:POBo69;LonJon. Olno. I 43140. ferry E. Rohn: No. 131-647; P( J Hi. 69; i ondon, Ohio -43140. , Ück Williams; No. 1 !(-6H5; PO f rox 69; London, Ohio 43140. Joe Sinclair; No. 28642-1 17; PO Box 1000; Leavenwortli. K.msas - 66048. Joe McCoy; No. 137-802; PO Box 69; London, Ohio -43140. James E. Szulczewski; No. H-4923 PO Box 244; Graterford, Pa. - 19426. Bruce C. Ellinwood; No. 88943; PO Box 57; Marión, Ohio - 43302 John W. Salisbury; PO Box 8883894; Ashland, Ky. - 41 101. Robert Crank; Box 888-00641 ; Ashland, 41 101. Ronald E. Houston; 138-668; PO Box 69; London, Ohio -43140. Sam Bolding; No. 138-916; PO Box 69; London, Ohio -43140. PUBLICATIONS Wow! Four original underground comix-only $2 postpaid! Wotta deal! Progressive Energies Publishing, Box 122, St. Clair Shores, MI 48083. INITIATION OF FINANCE CAPITALIST'S SON into the secrets of world rule! "Occult Technology of Power"; $1.65 postpaid. Alpine; Box 766-A; Dearborn, MI - 48121. COMMUNITY LEVY FOR ALTERNATIVE PROJECTS-The tax on 4% of YOUR! gross income. CLAP Handbook No4 (September) describes 80 visionary & revolutionary projects that need rnoney. malcriáis & people. tt's like a bi-monthly Book of Visions & is a good read in its os n right. CLAP Pay-Out No 3 carne to tl ,477 & benefitcd 43 community projects. for nstance Leads I ree School (t315). Albion Iree State (free festivals & people's farm - 179). Community Engineers (free plumbing & electrical work - fc68). Sub to CLAP Handbook (plus Peace Newspaper as free bonus) 50p. Single issue 14'4p in stamps. CLAP. Community Levy for Alternative Projects. co BIT, 146 Grcat Western Road, London W.ll,(tel 01-229-8219) BIT MUCH 1 2, successor to BITMAN 8. BITWOM N 9. BH III MAN 10&-BITBHNG 11. the BIT Iree Infomation & Help Service mag, 108-paiie porno issue with petirion tor David Waterfield. the CLAP supporter who's been jaded lor 3 years tor importing the fi t m 'Deep Hnoat.' I1' is .i sample 24 hours al HIT as wen through I .i BIT workerswho tel] all! Plus -II ih. alternativo philosophj . nev fo & tMssip. Plus complete listing of into & help services AL alternative hook shops A "enetgy centres" throughout Britain. Plus much more. J7p includinj tage or fel sub for 4 issues, trom BIT, I tóGreal Westi I ondon W 11. nel 01 _V 8219). GROW1NG MAKl.ll WA lu Dave neming. 16th printtng. Ou: indoors. S0 pages Si nd ÍÍ.2 jor Minor, 1356 Virginia St. '!)""; Coconut Grove, Florida 33133 THE JOYS OÍ MLDITATION by Justin 1. Stone. 94 pages. The "hot and why" of meditation. A do-ityourselt book of varied meditation techniques. Send S3.25 to: Major Minor, 3356 Virginia Street "D"; Coconut Grove I lorida 331 ! I Hmdu Bailiuiii I estival; foroitío Pov er Now; Race Perspective; ludas Cou Blues: Sacred Waffte -are aiti curren) issue ol "Sou h of luk" Fo two sample copies, send 30 cover lundlini: jnd mailing) to SOUTH OI TUK, Box 1 267; Statior "A", f oronto, Ontario. Canada, GIGS WANTED: Salesmen & saleswomen FULLTIME-PARTIME Days - evenings - weekends. Major company in Communications field needs 10-15 new salespeople. No experience necessaiy. Will train. Management training available. CaU Joe O'Conner, 769-4707. Top commissions Michigan Cable TV. 416 W. Hurón, Ann Arbor. Perfect job for students andor moonlighting honest down-toearth people wanted. Plenty of income available in exchange for your energy, 994-0919. HELP WANTED: Are you a college gradúate? Permanent position, guaranteed salary. $866. Write 3036 Roundtree Blvd., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 Part Time girl to babysit in my home. Have one-year-old handicapped child. Cali TAO at 994-0535, daytimes. BANDS! Local promoter looking for new talent. Send name, address, etc. to: Stardust Productions, 16763 Windermere Circle. Southgate, Ml 48195. WANTED: Lead, bass and synthesizer for hard rock. Commercial and origináis. Plenty of experience and good equipment. To travel and play professionally. Write: Mike, 1222 S. Park; Kalamazoo. Mich. -49001. MUSICIANS: The Drivin' Sideways Band is going thru personnel changes and is looking for people accomplished on bass, keyboards, and possibly reeds or guitar. If you missed us at this year's first Sunday Concert, we play rock, blues, souLand jazz and some of our own material. We're union and already gigging. Contact Lew Collins 665-0505, or Sue Seiigman 475-8870. Part-time help wanted: people to do legal ilyer distnbution on routes m Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Cali I rank Bach (or leavc message), 761-7148. WANTED: Folk, jazz or blues artista for free coffeehouse in Birmingham. We pay $15 for single or $20 for group. Send name and phone number to: Friday's Alterna tive Coffeehouse & Common Ground; 1090 S. Adams; Birmingham, Mich. 4801 1 : Attn: Bubha. Excellent photographer available for passport, wedding, portrait, and ;ill sorts of photo work. Experienced, sensitiveand rejsonable. CaU Torn Landecker, 662-4684. JOBS OPEN. The SUN needs eóergeÚC writers, researchers, editors who would like to dig into the national, state and local goverñment. People who want to know what is really going on with l' of M, public schools. community events. Some articles teceive $5 to SIP. Cali 761-7148. 111. LP WAN7I I): Are yon a coft gradúate? Pen ianent position. J866 tree Blvd. Ypsil.nui. Ml - 4M97. WANTED: I nerienced hookkeeper fot growinii j ouflg company in the rnusic field. CaU 761-7641 tor inte view. WANTED: Salespeople lo sull advertising services ; music business cliënt s. Clubs, promoters, bands .md beoking jeius ,ill aeed printing oi gTaphics". Knowledge of the music business necéssary. ('all Darlene at 769-5850 for an interview. WANTED: Experieaced commercial artist to work with grow ing adverLsing agency. .ill 761-7641 for imerview. Dual 1215.S turotable, immaculate condition. $90 without cartrjdse. Cill Juliar 7(,-,589 Harmony Soveriegn Guitai with case, , great shape. Best offer, eall 769-01 1Z Brand New I jrtis.i etectrk Insta Piano. 61 keys. brown wood grain finí-:.. $600. cali 4.5-64 S4. Two 8 track tape player s (one aulo. the other home). Also tapes. Cali Mike. 663631. Weekly starting September 20 For Home Delivery Cali 994-4337