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Gynecology Services

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Gynecology Services

In addition to general medicine concerns, women must also be aware of the gynecology services available in Ann Arbor. It is hard to find good and inexpensive health care in general; the search for a kind, sensitive and thorough gynecologists can seem endless. Ann arbor has a few facilities that should be noted:

PLANNED PARENTHOOD is located on 912 North Main. You must call for an appointment. They offer good services and are sensitive to your financial situation. Not surprisingly though, higher positions in administration & medicine are held by men. In response to the community's need for a "Community Women's Clinic," Planned Parenthood established an abortion clinic run by men.

The TEEN CLINIC, part of Planned Parenthood Assoc, is a clinic set up for women under 18. It is open on Mondays 4-7 pm, Wednesdays 1-3:30 pm, Saturdays 11-2 pm, and every other Thursday from 4-6 pm.

The FREE PEOPLE’S CLINIC offers a good alternative to women in need of gynecological services. Although the FPC gears itself towards the non-student population (realizing that students have inexpensive means to obtain birth control and gynecological services), the staff is very sensitive to the needs of women. Counseling is seen as a very important facet in the process of obtaining birth control and all women are welcome to the clinic for a discussion of the various methods. The clinic also offers free pregnancy tests, venereal disease counseling and treatment, abortion counseling and referral. The FPC believes that women should know the workings of their reproductive organs and how to prevent infections and diseases. Counsellors can teach women about self help, a process by which women can discover more about their own bodies.

UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICES has a gynecology clinic in which you need an appointment. It often takes a long time to get an appointment with a gynecologists; sometimes the wait is prohibitive. (You can consult the Women's Crisis Center for information on various doctors.) Drugs and medication are fairly cheap at the Health Service pharmacy.

ST. JOSEPH'S GYNECOLOGY CLINIC is on an appointment basis and is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12-2 pm. The initial fee is $2.50.