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Looking at the wide range of local media, it almost seems that Ann Arbor must be one of the better informed cities in the Midwest. It is the only place outside the east that has regular daily delivery of the New York Times.

Of course, the Ann Arbor SUN is clearly a major part of this category. (For more on the SUN, check the article in this section to learn what it's been doing, and how to get a subscription or home delivery.)

Five other newspapers are published in town. The Ann Arbor News is the only traditional daily paper. While it is the major source of local news, its line on local issues is extremely conservative, following the Republicans right to the bitter end. To compensate for its conservative local bias, it is in general, liberal on national issues.

The Michigan Daily is the student newspaper, which comes out six days a week (all but Monday) . It combines both national and campus news, and does some reporting on other local events.

Herself is a monthly paper, concentrating on local women's coverage. Herself has a strong reputation outside the city, as well as inside for its excellent coverage on all aspects of women. It is available by subscription or in many local stores. The staff holds weekly meetings, and welcomes any women with skills such as writing, layout, graphics, photography, selling ads (as well as anyone who wants to learn these skills.) Their office is at 225 E. Liberty, near the Free Clinic, and any women who have news or want to help should contact them.

Another weekly alternative paper is the Michigan Free Press, which concentrates on international, third world and revolutionary coverage. Due to the "policy of non-cooperation with the SUN," you will have to contact them for any additional information about their organization.

Of course, newspapers are not the only form of media in town. Film is important in A2, with this city being the leading film center in the Midwest. (For more on film groups, see Entertainment.)

The University sponsors several literary magazines, but the most interesting magazine published in the city is Periodical Lunch. It doesn't quite look like a typical magazine, and in a way, it really isn't. It's a little hard to describe what it looks like, but it is sold in various stores around town. It has both creative writing and non-fiction essays by some outstanding young writers.

There is a television culture in A2, very unlike the normal schlock on network TV. Some community programming is available on cable TV, and the best part about CATV is the public access channel. Although programming is irregular, an interesting mix of alternative and experimental programming done by local TV buffs and students appears.

And for those interested in doing their own television, there is the Media Access Center, which rents videotape equipment to potential programmers.

For radio information see TUNE IN n the Calendar