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In keeping with a strong cultural atmosphere, Ann Arbor has a number of organizations bringing creative people together, and offering facilities for people to use who want to try their skills. Small dance and theatre groups are continually springing up, and various art workshops have more permanent facilities around town. (A number of groups offer classes - for a list of these, check out Education.)

Perhaps one of the most active groups in Ann Arbor is the Artist's and Craftsman's Guild. This group sponsors a number of art fairs throughout the year, held in places like the Farmer's Market and the Michigan Union, and also runs the Free Art Fair during the July Street Art Fair. People interested in showing their crafts in town should contact the Guild and see about joining.

Several galleries exist around town for showing work on a more continua! basis. One of the most interesting is the Union Gallery, which shows predominantly student work. It is occasionally known for grand openings, featuring live music and refreshments. It also has occasional Renaissance music concerts, live poetry readings and even plays. Several small private galleries also exist.

Art Worlds, best known for its classes, has studios and equipment available for community use at low fees. You can rent the darkroom, a silk-screening table or a photography studio for a few hours or a day. Equipment and classes are also available from the Ann Arbor Art Association and the Potter's Guild.