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The shoe that works with your body.

This shoe is different from any shoe you've ever worn. It's the EARTH* negative and your heel shoe. The shoe designed to work in harmony with your entire body.

The heel of the Earth* shoe is actually lower than the toe. This allows you to walk naturally. Like when you walk barefoot in sand or soft earth and your heel sinks down lower than your toes.

The entire sole is the Earth show is molded in a very special way. This allows you to walk in a gentle rolling motion. And to walk easily and comfortably on the hard jarring cement of our cities. 

But remember, just because a shoe looks like ours doesn't mean it works like ours. So be sure you're getting the Earth brand shoe, look on the sole for our Earth trademark and U.S. Patent #3305947,

Your body will thank you.

Shoes, sandals, sabots, and boots for men and women. From $23.50 to $42.50.

*EARTH is a registered trademark of Kalso Systemet, Iin.

1974 Kalso Systemet

406 E Liberty (between Division and Thompson) Ann Arbor

1695 S Woodward Birmingham