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At Your Door Every Week

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At Your Door Every Week

If you like this issue of the SUN you can make sure you get EVERY issue in the future by SUBSCRIBING now.

If you live in Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti, every issue of your subscription will be HOME DELIVERED--you get the SUN, at your door, the same day it hits the streets.

And, starting September 20, the Ann Arbor SUN will be a WEEKLY newspaper. So we'll be putting a new copy in your door or mailbox EVERY FRIDAY -- for no more (or for LESS) than it costs to pick up the paper in the newsstands!


If you subscribe now to the SUN for 4 or 8 months you can get a FREE Ann Arbor SUN T-Shirt (high-quality, cotton shirt; colors: yellow with red SUN insignia). If you subscribe for one year you can get your choice of 1) the SUN T-Shirt; 2) LOCATION, the Strata album by CJQ; 3) INSIDE OURSELVES by Sphere (also a Strata release); or 4) GUITAR ARMY by John Sinclair. The t-shirt and records are pictured on the back cover of the regular SUN section of this 90 page issue.

So subscribe now by calling 994-4337 or clipping the coupon below. You can send us the subscription charge or we'll pick it up when we drop off or mail your first issue and your free shirt, record, or book.

__Deliver 16 issues (4 months) of the Ann Albor SUN and a free T-Shirt. COST: $4.00 (25 cents per issue)
__Deliver 33 issues (8 months) of the SUN and a free T-Shirt. COST: $7.95 (24 cents)
__Deliver 50 issues (1 year) of the SUN and a free T-Shirt, book, or record. COST: $11.50 (23 cents per issue)*
Name ___
Adress/Street ___ Apt No ___
City/State ___
Zip ___ Phone ___
*First Choice Premium: No. ___ Second Choice: No. __
T-Shirt Size: ___ S ___ M ___ L ___ X-L
(If you move outside of the Ann Arbor area, we will finish your subscription, through the mails, at your new address.)
Clip and mail coupon, and make all checks payable to: Rainbow Trucking Co., 603 E. William, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.


Make Money In Your Dorm, Apt. House, Or Neighborhood

The New Ann Arbor SUN HOME DELIVERY Program CAN Pay Off For You Every Week

If you want to start a SUN home delivery route in your dormitory, apartment house, or section of town, we'll pay you 10 cents for every copy you deliver. (100 subscribers = $10.00 per week)

Here's how you sign up new SUN subscribers: We give you T-Shirts, records, and books you can take door-to-door near where you live. When you sign up a subscriber you give them their free premium on-the-spot, and turn in the money and subscription order to us.

With every new sub you increase your guaranteed weekly income. And, since there are no weekly collections, all you have to do is DELIVER the SUN to your subscribers each week, and we pay you for every copy delivered.

Call 994-4337 or 761-7148 NOW for more information.