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The Free People's Clinic has more to offer you than health care. Open nearly a year in its present location (225 E. Liberty), the clinic now includes many nonmidical and medically-oriented services. The three staii o clinic Monday th offer the followi ♦LEGAL COU set of local lawye ie counselling roe Working now wit! sessions, they off tions. Naturally, auxiliary offerins not be a chnic patiënt to partake. NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING. Wednesday night (and possibly Monday soon) has a nutrition gradúate student who gladly fields questions on food, food chemistry, food politics, vegetarianism and other related topics. ♦OVER-THE-COUNTER GENCE. A fifth-year pharmacy student is presently establishing a table at the clinic's Wednesday night session where he hoped to advise people on drug-store products they buy for self-medication. He emnhasizes the need to break down producís. He i-true home ainst comi Wednesday vice will be t-year dentisáll give oral LING. The clinic now possesses the complete series of The Yes books of Sex, as well as other sexuality materials available in our media room. The foremost women's body knowledge book, Our Bodies, Our Selves is also available at the clinic, free of charge.