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Pentagon Plans Ethnocide

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The British magazine New Scientist reports that the U.S. Defense Department is apparently conducting research related to "ethnic weapons." "Ethnic weapons" are chemical or biological agents that attack and incapacítate one ethnic or racial group while leaving other racial groups unaffected. New Scientist says that it conducted a survey of Pentagon-fïnanced research in England, and discovered at least 65 U.S. Defense Department research contracts being carried out by British companies. One of these projects, says the magazine, is being conducted at St. Bartholomew's hospital in London and involves blood-groupings. The Pentagon is reported to have commissioned the hospital's blood-type experts to draw up a worldwide map which designates where populations with certain blood types are living. The magazine suggests that knowledge of blood-groups can be used in ethnic warfare, as an example, by identifying certain "enemy" racial groups that might be singularly susceptible to a particular malaria strain while other "friendly" races in the area are immune to it. Doctor Richard Hammerschlag of the City of Hope National Medical Center in California presented a paper on "ethnic weapons" at the convention of the American Chemical Association last spring. In his paper, Doctor Hammerschlag warned that the Pentagon may be experimenting with "ethnic weapons" as part of a program code-named "project agile."