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Richard Pryor & Labelle

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lililifsiPlB HaMjppáiÉMiiiHiÉts ;WiT:ilJt7t!liTTTiTnrTnnyffnif7fníllilllli!JJiM!lJiM?Tg BjnHHMÉrMbÉBIMMJVMJnEjiiM HpHHHpHMHflliHMIÉWHHHHHÉMlEHBlHH BmmmUhmhWhIMMM(ihmwp HMMÍÍWfljíHBlBÍMlÉMMMM RlMiMQMÉttjMBEÍHMMH BvpP HBBnHHp wft0ytA IBhflPVH BphmBP Hyl IPfMÍMiiB HHiil nniTYTïYiiTa uVfr 9tfPVIIVfffTi IPJ.Ífl'l PrVOf continued from page 17 "You'd better straighten up, America," they sang. "Of course we don't mean that you people out there are the problem. It's the system." From there Patty led the group through a resounding version, much more nitty gritty than the soda-pop sounding original, of Thunderclap Newmans' tune about getting it together because the revolution's here. From there the band medlied on into musicilized versions of Gil Scott Heren's "The tion Will Not Be Televised." One problem that consistently marred LaBell's and Pryor's performance was the wretched sound system at HUI. High frequenties snapped, crackled, and popped sound perception out of audibility. Much of Pryor's faster and more high-pitched routines were unheedable;to much of the audience. It was a shame to see two performing acts with so much to say so hindered in their ability to get the message throueh.