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attoub m ma There's no need to leave ÍJ(1 IN Wn Starting right now, the your warm room this fall rHUy&Fl ) p Ann Arbor Sun is a WEEKto find out what's happenia Wm W ir A LY newspaper. This means I ing in and around Ann Ar j '''■■ j H subscribers will get the Sun l bor - because the Ann hlPlíí Mm '-- J ( I at e'r nome EVERY f bor Sun is now being HOME l yn ' DAY, for no more (or for I DELIVERED all over Ann J!lk-r I less) than it costs to piek it Arbor and Ypsi. So,ifyou' 'ÍÍ m l) ' 1 up at the newsstands. subscribe, y ou get the hot Jt Lj j J news, heavy features, and al I m a! o et a s1801?011 to full calendar information in W 1 mvpr"? %J e " now-yu the Ann Arbor Sun - at [ n r Js2 can et a ree or' i your door, the day we hit W -L 0 " vou act ast' a ree reC0I"d. Presentlv available to new subscriber are a limited numher of unusual1 . ly fine ree record albums. If you sign up now, there's still a chance, to mmHBnHHBBHMmH V C rl "D" 8et one f the following: Jr I - VZ.1 "SC 0 An official ANN ARBOR SUN T-SHIRT (all-cotlon yellow shirt gnpNMlfimMMai KvM 2) Marión Brown's Sweet Earth Flying. the new jazz album our reJÈB k ■ viewer Bill adler called "...a gorgeous work." (Impulse) PBN-' B PBk Location, a live historical collection of the best of CJQ, the innoIj b L5kJJ SL WÊÊ "A vative Motor City jazz monster featuring (among others) Charles II WfSêjjÊ- gjkMoore (trumpet), Ron English (guitar). Ron Brooks (bass), and Bud Jj Éw trlilr' lft3 MÉ Spangier and Danny Spencer (drums). (Strata)-not pictured here l ijVj gJL '. a ■ 4 Inside Ourselves. another live album from Strata, featuring a t rail■ ' #; J -' I blazing Detroit jazz unit, Sphere, that included Eddie Nucilli (trumBNS Jj ■5(!iJBÍ ?" pet), Larry Nozero (saxohpne), and John Dana (bass). ■'"■ 1 v '"m wT "r eore ' ' tne new a'bum by Lucille Spann, the sweet womW ml S V H bSF angiant of the blues who has been at two of the three Ann Arbor pM il l ■(■ Blues and Jazz Festivals. (Bluesway)--not picured here S Ë 1 l IDSIO0 OUrSOlVGS Recordsare available only with 1, 2, or 3 year subscriptions, and ong p:" B y ly until we exhaust our current limited stock. Please specify T-shirt size li on all orders. 1 ft Ant Affvt A' ri?5ki " uiS1Q0 JJ o TOSÍ i innnArDorYpsi QCkcv) Mail Dclivcry Only Home Delivery Only -- ........„.a _Deliver 16 issues (4 months) of the Ann Arbor SUN and a free T-shirt 0 __- sjÖ AA $S 22 cents per issue) COST: $4.00 (25 cents per issue) iL " (2 1)' ' SUN a"d T-$hirt r C0ST: Í Colí!ÍVSe7 95 SWtoíeí thL SÜN 3nd 3 freC TShÍrt W leCOrdP éMÊ9&Èt3 MaiI 10 (2 y63") of the SUN and a free T"shi" or recor d" COST: pwKsjJMfcv w $18.00 (18 cents per issue) Ij - Deliver 50 issues (1 year) of the SUN and a free T-shirt or record. )) WifC-+--H& IlC. - Mi"l !50 issues (3 years) oi the SUN and a free T-shirt or record. COST: V COST: $11.50 (23 cents per issue) ,& ff POj Jt) $24.00 (16 cents per issue) AddressStreet Apt. No. v tviFfl AddressStreet Apt. No. Z'P Phone A0il Íí1 Z'P Phne #] First Choice Premium: No. Second Choice: No. SOiP' 5i?XXy9 First Choice Record or Book: No. Second Choice: No. V T-ShirtSUe S_M L XL Ct_ ulmylwf T-shirt Size S M L XL f( (If you move outside of the Ann Arbor area, we will finish your vHc"l JSs"? f 'f you move t0 the Ann Arbr area, we will finish your subscription subscription, thtough the mails, at your new addrcss.) Jl j sgp-r I via home delivery, at your new address.) l( Clip and mail coupon, and make all checks payable to: Rainbow iS' l + -ij Clip and mail coupon, and make all checks payabe to: Rainbow AgenAgency, 603 E. William, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48108 W- a=-i ZZZZS cy, 603 E. William, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48108 II