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The SUN is now weekly, which means that not only does the paper need more regular volunteer layout people and workers, but also the possibility of more paying jobs gets closer to home.

Having just put out the second issue from our new and as yet incomplete office, things have never been better or crazier. Any spare plywood, masonite, 2 X 4's, etc. that you could donate would vastly speed office construction, reduce the present level of havoc, and be greatly appreciated.

On the other fronts we need: Creative, inspired WRITERS/REPORTERS to cover local news, work on national features, submit book, record or concert reviews, survival/science/health/food features or whatever germane subject you think should grace these pages.

A swift, accurate, experienced TYPIST to work regularly Wednesday & Thursday days typesetting on an IBM selectric composer. Typists are paid by the hour.

Experienced ARTISTS and CARTOONISTS to draw graphics, design & layout ads (pays on a commission basis) and also to do clean, neat page layouts.

Experienced PHOTOGRAPHERS with access to darkroom equipment to cover assignments/submit relevant prints.

We are willing to help potential writers and artists/layout people get their skills together, so don't be bashful-give us a call!