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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "There could be no conflict with anything because my sole purpose is to serve my country... this myth about the power which my family exercises needs to be brought out into the open... There isn't this network of control that is popularly imagined. " 

--Nelson Rockefeller at his vice-presidential confirmation hearings.  

  Quote Number 2 (because it's so good): "The Fishbowl is a mass confusion area where students can be readily peer-pressured by others. In the past, this has resulted in unintended actions by students. " -Mayor James Stephenson, explaining why he helped cancel several student voter registration sites last Monday.

   Well now the big news is Nixon's phlebitis, replete with careful diagrams of his leg and the awful blood clot filling up the news media, which seems to be returning to its usual Lassie Walt Disney sensibilities since Watergate... Here's a prediction, originally voiced by Nixon himself several weeks ago. He won't make it out of the hospital alive. Conveniently, then he won't be able to testify in court and reveal any further examples of how the government really works. It looks like the police in Traverse City have decided to clean up the town just in time for home-town-boy-made good Governor Milliken's re-election campaign. Two weeks ago the State Police, County Sheriffs and Traverse City's finest teamed up to arrest 26 people on marijuana and LSD charges, after several months of "work" by no less than 9 undercover agents. Look for news of a legal-defense effort to supported the busted community... Speaking of defense, Tim Leary was just denied parole once again on his posession of weed and escape charges. The new Herself women's community newspaper is on the streets and in the stores of the surrounding area. After a financial crisis last summer, it appears that Herself is getting on firmer ground. The latest issue features a fine article on the results of DES-Morning After Pill experimentation, and much other locally-based women's news and features. To subscribe call 663-1285.       The Friends Road Show has just mushroomed with the arrival of eight troupsters from London. This pack of madness includes one ex-Dutch Royal Ballet dancer, a genuine Australian clown, and four musicians -- bass, sax, keyboards and percussion -- who will merge with the other Friends musicians to form the giant wall'os sound known as the Royal Palm Court Tooties. Catch the big new band and clowns at the Rainbow Room on Tuesday nights, or at the swinging Colonial Lounge in Livonia during the first three weekends of October.    MUSIC NEWS: Ever wonder what rich and highly degrade pop stars have to say for themselves? Well Elton John let on to some of his more astute philosophy in a recent Creem magazine, when he attributed his success formula to "vitamin E, quaaludes, heroin, plus intercourse with sheep"... John Lennon's newest slumbering single is called "whatever gets you through the night," from an album called "Walls and Bridges." How inspirational...

The George Harrison American tour will touch down in Detroit on December 6th, along with Ravi Shankar...The Grateful Dead have announced a year off from the concert circuit to debate whether they should stay together...

   On the local music front, the hot news of the week is that former MC5 announcer Jesse Crawford is playing drums with the Mojo Boogie Band... The Rabbitts of Ypsi, who broke up a month ago, have re-emerged with a new lineup of musicians... Thanks to Lightnin' Red for benefitting the SUN at the Blind Pig last week... Lorna Richards, formerly of Diesel Smoke/Dangerous Curves has formed a new band with Jerry Myers on drums, Steve Hildebrand on guitar, brother Karl on bass, and Rick the Snake on steel guitar. The aggregation will be known as Westside... Mr. Flood's will host a Diesel-Smoke reunion on October 13, one night only.    Would you believe Ronald Reagan issued a criminal pardon to country singer Merle Haggard two years ago to wipe his record "clean".. Paul Anka's latest record, "You're Having MY Baby." was a million seller this summer. The National Organization For Women has awarded Anka a "keep her in her place " award for the song, protesting the use of the posessive pronoun "my." Anka has since changed the lyrics when singing the song in public. Now it's "our" baby...

   Upcoming Events: Buddy Guy and Junior Wells grace the Rainbow Room in Detroit with their presence Oct. 2-5. Then it's the legendary Martha Reeves Oct. 9-12... Taj Mahal, Weather Report and Little Feat at the Michigan Palace October 4... Comedian George Carlin speaks out at Hill Auditorium October 12th... Herbie Hancock boogies down on space-synthesizer at Masonic October 12th... A great series of improvised free jazz concerts begins in Lansing October 2nd, featuring members of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. For specifics see the box in this issue calendar, rear of paper...

   WDET-FM begins a 3-day, 4-night marathon on October 10th, designed to raise badly needed funds for Detroit's diverse and creative Public Broadcasting Station. We'll have more info next issue. Word is the broadcast will include a live remote of Martha Reeves from the Rainbow Room... Speaking of radio, WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor has been offering an outstanding series of weeknight "jazz around midnight" programs. Fine, fine sets of music featuring the likes of Eric Dolphy, Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Gato Barbieri -- energizing late night jams.

   Are you a tennis nut? In a little grassroots actions a few people are collecting names to extend the deadline of the lighted Fuller Pool Court. If enough people sign the city may take some action. If you like the idea of playing after supper call Fred Karr at 665-9357 to sign the petition. The SUN is seeking letters of interest for publication.