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UAW Wins Clerical Elections

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The United Autoworkers (UAW) have beaten the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) in the election to unionize secretaries at the University of Michigan.

Election results counted Monday night gave the UAW 1,013 votes to 526 for AFSCME. A surprisingly high number, 734, voted against unionization, while an estimated 700 secretarles didn't vote at all.

Since a majority vote of those casting ballots is required, the UAW will face the no-union option in a run-off election to be held in two to six weeks.

Tuesday morning AFSCME leaders voted to support the UAW in the next race.

The AFSCME defeat has been attributed to widespread dissatisfaction with the way the union has represented maintenance and service workers on campus. During the representation campaign the UAW ran hard on a militant image.

In other labor upset on campus, five hundred interns and residents at University Hospital voted Monday to refuse to perform administrative duties beginning October 2 if a contract settlement is not reached.

Members of the University House Officers Association, formerly known as the Interns and Residents Association, is bargaining with the University over wages, fringe benefits and working conditions.