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Jumpin' Jupiter Quakes

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Two leading scientists are predicting that California, most likely the Los Angeles are, will be struck by a devastating earthquake in 1982. 
This is the prediction of astronomers John Gribbin and Stephen Plagemann who spell out an entirely new theory on earthquake causes in their new book, The Jupiter Effect.
Doctors Gribbin and Plagemann predict that the quake which they say will shake the West Coast in the early 1980's will be the most severe shock of the century-easily surpassing the San Fransisco quake of 1906 and the Los Angeles tremor of 1971.
They argue that they can predict quakes by plotting the positions of the planets and the sun. They have calculated that in 1982-for the first time in 179 years-all the of the planets in the solar system will be aligned on the same side of the sun.
What this all means, they say, is that unusual gravitational forces will affect the sun-and therefore the earth. They predict that the San Andreas fault will then trigger a major California earthquake. The astronomers say the 1982 quake will be so strong that the 1971 Los Angeles earth quake will be regarded as a "small beer" by comparison.