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Levi's Jeans

An American Tradition

Levi's blue jeans have been an American tradition for over 1 30 years. They're so much a part of American history that a pair of Levi's blue jeans hangs in the Smithsonian Institution ... a tribute to the role they played in helping to win the West. But, more importantly, they're a traditional part of Americans' lives today . . . they're the favorite of Americans from coast to coast . . . why? Because they fit, feel and look better than any other blue jean . . . and there's no mistaking that classic Levi's jeans look. County Seat says . . . come on in and buy yourself an American tradition for the right look of today . . . Levi's blue jeans from County Seat.

For the most complete Levi's line . . . Briarwood Mall COUNTY SEAT STORES (near Grand Court)