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' QUOTE OF THE WEEK: 'if the cannabis epidemie : continúes to spread at the rate of the post-Berkeley period, : we may find ourselves saddled with a large population of semi-zombies -- young people acutely afflicted by the amo; tivational syndrome." - Senator James Old Eastland, in a ; report prepared for the Senate Interna! Security SubcomI mittee hearings on the evil weed. Some of the more distressing news to hit us recently is the aüeged finking of'Tim Leary on his former friends.For details see Pianet News. The question we have is this: is Tim doing it of his own will, simpiy to get out of custody at the expense of his comrades, or is there more manipulation here than meets the eye? If he's finking to pin release why was his parole denied last week'? Was Tim's head behaviorally modified during his stay at California's Vacaville prison? Whohas the most to.gain from the resulting propaganda? As Paul Krassner put it in a recent column, "The least that former friends of Leary can do is to reserve judgement...The feds are trying to get him to recant, just like a latterday Galileo." Another tidbit of interesting news this week was the visit of two US Senators to socialist Cuba, aimed at investigating "improved relations" between the two countries. (Our translation; GM and Ford want to sell them cars.) Fidel took the opportunity to deliver a blistering attack against the US in front of the distinguished guests, railing quite understandably against US intetvention in Chile and blaming the US for the energy crisis. A year ago at this time the Sun was involved in a campaign to expose undercover nares by printing their photos. Once two of our people were attacked by a narc whiie attempting to capture his image. We took Sergeant William Burns of the Washtenaw Area Narcotics Team to court for the physical assault. where the case is still pending. Burns, we were told, was forced to move out of the county and "opérate" elsewhere due to all the adverse publicity. Well apparently Burns is back in town, having busted two brothers on the charge of delivering 52,000 hits of LSD last week. Anyone with information on Burns or WANT please contact the Sun. Project Community's Inmate Project coordinates the elforts of 100 U-M students who work within the walls of flve southeastern Michigan prisons, including the Washtenaw County Jail. The Project is organizing a Book Recycling Initiative to get books of current valué ínto the moribound institutions. Donations of any books can be made at 2204 Michigan Union, or by calling 763-3548. The Human Rights Party has announced its spring ballot drives, which will be a revised second try at rent control. and a proposal to guarantee city funding ofchild care. Look to a special election issue of the SUN Oct. 25 with more information , along with a complete run-down of this November's races... On the ballot November 5th is the Preferential Voting Proposal to end minority Republican control of the city. As the Ann Arbor News said in a recent editorial against the plan (of course, the News is Republican-controlled), "quite frankly, this is a politically motivated proposal." And theirs aren't, right?... Getting rid of the Republicans will hopefully become a major community goal this year. At last the HRP sees that vote-splitting isn't just "a Democratie ploy" but a real concern to the city's progressive majority. Bummer News: There may not be an Ozone parade this year. The spectacular march of crazos "may be becoming too much of an institution" according to its original organizers. Homecoming, which the Ozone parade was originally designed to counteract, falls this year on October 26. Anyone interested in resurrecting the Parade contact Chris Frayne at the SUN. The effort to establish a Women's Community Center is holding a fund-raising rummage sale on Saturday, Oct. 5, from 9-5pm, at the First United Methodist Church, 120 S. State St. in A2. On sale are household items, books, dothes records and more "all reasonable". Child care will be provided. MUSIC NEWS: For upcoming concert listings, see the new This Week box on the opposite page, or the calendar... Commander Cody's next album should be out in a month, all studio-recorded...Guitarist Ted Nugent was busted for indecent exposure in Memphis recentiy, after pólice found his loincloth somewhat barren. ..Bob Dylan is working on his next album in New York, due for release this spring... New lps just out include Santana with Af ice Coltrane, two great McCoy Tyner jams on Miiestone, the latest by J. Geus, a John Coltrane greatest hits volume 3, and a new John Lennon. Randy Thomas, formerly of WWWW, has just joined WABX, which is sounding better the last couple of weeks... W4 is apparently planning some kind of bombshell promotion and format change for late October... WDET's fundraismg marathon will include live broadcasts and i orative repeats. starting October 10... WK AR-FM features a ' great jazz program Sunday nights from 8pm - lam. at about ; 91 on the dial. ; ♦ ♦..............♦.,.......