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Geo Threatens To Sue U

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The GradĂșate Employees Organization (GEO) is ihreatening suit against the Llniversity for refusing to deiiver an eight percent pay hike prömised last spring. Last week the teaching lellow-research assistant organization filed an unfair labor practtce charge with the Michigan Empioyment Relations Conimission (MERC). According to the promise, which came trom forme r Vice President for Academie Affairs Alian Smith in February, was made before the union was recognized and therefore doesn't count. GEO claims that in offering the 8% hike to discourage organizing last spring, and then failing to perform , the University is breaking the law. The University says it can't grant the pay increase because it doesn't know what other economie ciemands GEO will make. Althoufih t'a still in the process of being formulated, the GEO package is expected to include free tuition for all teaching fellows.