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American Pow Blasts War Crimes

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Emmet Kay, the American POW released by the Pathet Lao two weeks ago, has suggested that American leaders are guilty of committing "war crimes" in Southeast Asia. Kay, who was interviewed immediately after his release by the French news agency Agence-France-Presse, described himself as feeling like an "assassin" for his work with the CIA in Indochina. Kay was captured more than 16 months ago while flying a mission for Continental Air Service, a CIA proprietary airline operaüng in Asia. He states that he became a gooti friend of his captors during his 16 months of captivityand that he grew to despise the missions he had carried out for the CIA. During the interview, Kay cited examples of what he called violations of the peace agreements and "unjustifiable intervention" during the last 20 years. He says he was paid up to $3500 per month to transport arms and bombs in violation of the Paris peace accords. Asked about the reaction of Ü.S. govemment officials to his remarks, Kay replied: "If my way of thinking displeases them, too bad."